A Small Request

Remeber this post with a recipe for some delicious Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream?

Well, I tweaked the recipe and entered it into this Recipe Contest on Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn.

Please check out my entry here. I'm Entry #26 in the Best Lick! 2008 Ice Cream Contest.

Any votes for me would be very much appreciated! I think voting is only allowed for a couple of days. And the last time that I checked, there was much room for improvement.

Also, there's no Flickr Friday this week, but I might bring it back every few weeks or so.

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starry said…
this ice cream loks delicious and I just love coconut milk.
Lisa Johnson said…
starry nights - Thank you! Have a great weekend. :D
Tera said…
Okay Anali...I can't tell where to and how to vote???
Lisa Johnson said…
tera - If you click on the link and scroll down, then you can vote for my ice cream. You do have to register for the website though. The link is on my post, but I'll put it here.


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