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When I wrote this post about CVS coupons back in February, I had no idea that it would take on a life of its own. I wasn't the only one searching for their coupons. There is a constant flow of people Googling for CVS coupons, especially on weekends and they wind up on my blog post. In this economy especially, every little bit helps.

I was a big fan of the coupons myself, but since I wrote the post, I wasn't able to find them anymore. They were taken down from the website that I was going to and I wasn't sure about their legitimacy, so I stopped searching for them altogether.

I also noticed that CVS prices seemed a bit higher than before. I decided to do some comparison shopping and have noticed better prices at Target and Stop & Shop for the items that I used to buy at CVS. Remove the coupons and raise the prices and you lose a customer.

Well, now I'm not even sure if it was CVS who removed the coupons. I emailed CVS customer service and asked them to provide me with their official coupon policy. Below is the email response that I received with some minor edits.

Subject: Your CVS Response 05682301
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 12:21:35 -0400

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Your email has reached the CVS/pharmacy Customer Relations Department.

We apologize beforehand, but CVS/pharmacy does not distribute any of its policies in writing. Each store has a copy of the Corporate Coupon Policy. If any customer has a question regarding the usage of coupons, they should ask to speak to the Manager or Supervisor on duty at the time.


CVS Pharmacy

Customer Relations

Based on this response, they refuse to provide a written coupon policy to customers. Customers must go to their local store and speak with whoever is in charge there.

In my email to CVS, I specifically asked if a letter dated March 24, 2008, that was allegedly written by OpSec Security Group, Inc. on behalf of CVS was a valid letter sent on behalf of CVS. They did not answer that question. A copy of that letter was left by an anonymous commenter on my February post. Well, that is my latest CVS coupon update. If I find out more, I'll let you know.

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Suldog said…
After a response like the one you received, I'd never shop there again. They don't distribute their policies in writing? Why? Afraid someone might actually reference one of them when complaining? No go for me. I'd tell 'em, "Thanks for nothing. You just lost a customer."
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - Well the people who work there are very nice, so I wouldn't want to take it out on them, but my shopping with CVS has dropped off in a huge way.
Anonymous said…
**Any exceptions to the following that you have received are NOT corporate policy. It all depends on the cashier running the register, and the manager that runs the store.

I have been a CVS employee for over a year, so I know my way around extracare, and our coupon policy. Currently, you can use any number and any combination of manufacturer coupons, provided you meet the guidelines indicated on the coupon (only one coupon per item).

You can also use an unlimited number of Extra Buck coupons, and those coupons issued on your receipt (exceptions are tobacco, newspapers, gift cards, prescriptions, stamps, and sometimes milk), as long as the coupons are from the SAME extra care card you are using for the transaction.

The one they'll catch you on is the email coupons, and the ones that print on your receipt that are like $3 off $15 or $4 off $20. YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO USE ONE OF THESE COUPONS PER TRANSACTION, unless the amount of your purchase is equal to the total amount that the coupons require. For example, if you had one $3 off $15 and one $4 off $20, you would have to have a subtotal of at least $35.

We do not take photocopied, or expired coupons for any reason.

We cannot look up extrabuck balances on the registers. If you forget your extra bucks, you will either have to go home and get them, or bring them in next time.

You must use the entirety of an extrabuck coupon when you redeem it at the register. If you do not, the cashier can adjust the amount, but you will lose part of the balance of that coupon.

If you have expired or lost extrabucks, you can call 1-800-SHOP-CVS and try to get them to send you another coupon in the mail.

**Other notices
Technically, you should only have one extracare card per household.

CVS coupons redeemed in a transaction must match the extracare card you are using.

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