Beans + Sprouts

Back in the fall, I saw this post for a quick vegetable dish and filed it away to try later. Recently I started thinking about a can of cannellini beans that I had sitting in my cupboard. I also had some Brussel sprouts. Then I remembered this recipe.

I didn't follow the recipe exactly. I sauteed the rinsed beans and quartered sprouts in a little butter, sesame oil, and some lemon olive oil too. I added just a pinch of salt and sprinkled some pepper. These are really good and the colors are warm and Spring-like. I'll definitely make them again soon.

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Tera said…
That actually looks great!!! Different, but great! :)
Tera said…
Might I add that I tried Brussel sprouts for the first time. Ever. Last year!
Bertie said…
That looks and sounds delicious!! I love brussel sprouts:) Maybe I should go buy some!
So So Simple said…
Hi Anali
I have returned Just going to spend some time catching up on your blog.

Ahhhh Brussell sprouts, as you know a favourtie of mine. They are just coming into the shops now and really looking forward to many fab meals and soups of course
Babz Rawls Ivy said…
I think you did those brussell sprouts some justice! This dish look yummy!

I hope all is well with you. Drop by...I am asking all my favs to clebrate my birthday with a poem, or prose or love missive to ME! My birthday is May 2 and i am hopin got post thse gifts for the month of May. Join in!
Lisa Johnson said…
tera - Thanks! I'm glad that you tried them. Brussel sprouts often get a bad rap, but they're one of my favorite vegetables. : )

bertie - Yes, go and get some! :D

so simple - Good to see you making the rounds again! I thought about making your soup again, but decided to switch things up a bit. ; )

lovebabz - Thanks! I'm going to do my best to get a birthday poem for you! ; )
CapCity said…
mmmmm...finally a recipe of yours i can try (am cutting out breads & sugars...)! looks delish = i LOVE my veggies;-).
Lisa Johnson said…
capcity - I hope you get a chance to try it! : )

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