Acupuncture With Eggs On The Side

For lunch this week, I've been eating a crustless onion and artichoke quiche. I don't have a recipe for it, because it was a rescued meal. I've been eating the "crust" as bread and needed to do something with the vegetables. Eggs to the rescue! I tried a new recipe for a tart that went horribly wrong. I added eggs to the already cooked and seasoned vegetables, some salt and pepper, and asiago cheese. It's been really good.

Also, I've been meaning to tell you that I started acupuncture last week. I'm hoping to ease the back pain from the pinched nerve that I've been dealing with. My acupuncturist is really nice and we both seem to be on the same page about my treatment. She was recommended by my primary care doctor, which made me feel very confident. Plus she has some pretty amazing credentials herself.

When I walked into her office, I was immediately struck by the breathtaking view of the Charles River and over to Cambridge. I took these pictures and she humored me by taking some pictures of me when I was all needled up. I was happy to hear that I'm not the first to ask for pictures. It's quite common I guess.

The needles really don't hurt for the most part. For my first treatment, I don't know how many needles I had in total, but I only felt three. She moved two just slightly, then I didn't feel them anymore. The third she took out, because the area was too tender. Yesterday all the needles were fine. In general, the treatment is very relaxing. She plays soothing music, burns herbs, and I feel a buzzing energy circulating in my body, like after I do yoga.

Have any of you watched the show Eli Stone? I really like it, although it is a bit wacky. And I thought it was kind of funny that I started acupuncture soon after I started watching it. The show is about an attorney who starts having these strange visions that predict the future. His acupuncturist helps him to deal with them and move him toward taking a case that will help resolve the visions. He's sort of supposed to be a prophet.

Usually at the end of the episode, we see how the vision comes true and everything works out. The show is on Thursday nights and last night he didn't have a tidy resolution to his case and his vision did not come true. He started to have a crisis of faith and is doubting the existence of God. Oh and a big part of the show is George Michael's song Faith. He's been on the show as a vision and he's supposed to be on next week for real. If you don't like that song, this show may really annoy you. I always liked the song, so I'm okay with it.

I'm not a religious person, more spiritual, but I do believe in God, so I have always thought about the idea of faith. I think we need to have faith in something just to get up every day. And with this being Good Friday, it's certainly a day to contemplate faith even a bit more. So for those of you who are Christian, I hope you have some inspirational services this weekend and have a Happy Easter. My family will be coming over on Sunday for Easter and there will be baking.

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Nance said…
But what about relief via the acupuncture? I have major issues with tension along my shoulders and neck and have found zero relief with traditional methods. Wondering if maybe acupuncture should be next...
Biggie-Z said…
My dad got trained long ago in China with acupuncture and used to practice on us. On some areas it worked, on others it didn't, but even when it didn't, it was pretty relaxing!

I'm going through physical therapy while recovering from shoulder surgery and right now it's like PAIN! massaaaaaaage PAIN! massaaaaaage. I think I need more massage.

dmarks said…
I'm now remembering that whole "Real Men Don't Eat Eat Quiche" thing. When it was current, there was a girl I knew in college who wore a custom "Quiche" sweatshirt.

Good luck with the accupuncture thing. I know nothing about it, myself.

I have you on my blogroll now.
suttonhoo said…
I'm off to see my acupuncturist this morning -- love love love the treatments.

best of luck with your back -- you've been nursing that for a *while* now. :(
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - Why not try it? I'd just make sure that you have someone that is certified. I can't tell if the acupuncture is doing anything yet, but I am feeling better in general.

biggie-z - Welcome LawyerChick! I remember reading about your surgery on your blog. I hope you get to have more massage soon and less pain. Ouch! That's cool that your dad studied acupuncture and went all the way to China to do it.

dmarks - Thanks for the link! I remember that whole real men don't eat quiche thing. That was so ridiculous! Good food is for everyone! ; )

suttonhoo - That's a nice way to start your Saturday morning! Have a great weekend! And thanks about my back. It's been a year now. I really want to get this situation resolved.
Duchess said…
I am such a big chicken and such a needle-phobe that I can't envision sitting still for acupuncture...heck, I am wussy enough that even massages hurt me.
Anonymous said…
I'm sure it's great but i never been brave enough to go for acupuncture. Maybe one day! :-)
Have a nice week end!
amisha said…
i am so interested in acupuncture... thank you for sharing your experience! so glad to know it's not painful ;)
and i made quiche the other night too, after a looong time. it was so good! farmer's market spinach + tomatoes too!
Lisa Johnson said…
duchess - Welcome! Believe me, I don't like needles and I've had massages hurt me too, but acupuncture is truly relaxing! ; )

zen chef - I hope you never need to have it! Happy Monday! ; )

amisha - You're welcome! I couldn't NOT blog about it! : ) And my quiche is gone now. Yours sounds so good! I can't wait for the farmers markets again. We have a few more months to go here. We had so much rain recently that I've been thinking about my favorite farmer and I'm happy that it will help his growing season.
Suldog said…
I hope you had a lovely Easter, Anali, and much luck with the acupuncture. However, I'm afraid I fall into the stereotypical macho slot when it comes to quiche: Yuck!
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - It was really nice! I hope you had a nice one too! ; )
I was flippin' channels and heard Carole King's 'I Feel The Earth Move'. I paused long enough to put down the remote and put my feet up...
Anonymous said…

thanks for info, you can also try bristol acupuncture.
Lisa Johnson said…
coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered - I love how they use music on that show!

johnp - Welcome! I moved your comment to this post, because I think you put it on the wrong one. Thanks for the info for those people who may be looking for someone in the UK.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the great info on acupuncure!

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