Saint Theresa & Tiny's Flowers

Good customer service is a Tiny thing. Well, not tiny in the sense that it doesn't matter. Good customer service is huge. So forget the stereotype about mean Bostonians. This Boston business, Tiny's Flowers, got it right.

I hate to go on with the continuing story of my birthday flower saga, but sometimes a story is too good not to share. Especially when the last post was about parking karma and your comments talked about blessings and angels. Considering I'm not Catholic, and generally do not agree with organized religion, this is even more strange, but I think a Saint may have entered the picture.

Okay, from the beginning. There was a delivery mishap with my flowers. It's a long story in itself, so I won't go through all of it. Anyway, initially the flowers were not delivered to me and G was more than a bit upset wondering why I had not received them. He called about it and it was all straightened out. The florist, Tiny, apologized and said that she would make it up to me and send me something complimentary.

Well, the initial flowers are wonderful and the complimentary flowers sent to me are out of this world. It's a tropical looking mix and probably the most beautiful flower arrangement I have ever seen. My co-workers agreed. It's extraordinary and now I have these two amazing flower arrangements at home to enjoy. I tried to download pictures of the flowers, but it is not working. Plus the pictures don't do them justice. I still need a digital camera.

Now this is where it turns weird. Yesterday, a friend sent me an email that you're supposed to pass along to 11 friends. I didn't forward it, but it contained this quote.
"In case anyone is not aware, Saint Theresa is known as the Saint of the Little Ways, meaning she believed in doing the little things in life well and with great love. She is also the patron Saint of flower growers and florists."

As I said before, I'm not Catholic, so I really don't know much about Saints. But considering my flower filled week and dealings with florists, it was quite appropriate that I should receive this. What are the odds of that? Tiny, who is a florist, plus the Saint of Little Ways, who also is the Saint of florists! I mean come on! And let me assure you, I do not know Tiny. I have never met her. I only learned of her and her shop this week.

I believe in coincidences and signs - even miracles. And I believe in following my intuition, which is why I'm doing this post. Now, I'm certainly not saying this is any kind of a miracle, but I was impressed with the service and the flowers are beautiful. So if anyone wants to send some big business to Tiny's Flowers, that would be nice. After all this, I think Saint Theresa may be looking out for her and would want it that way.

Tiny's Flower's
1528 Tremont Street
Roxbury, MA 02119
Telephone: 617.427.7222

*Updated 10/1/10* Here's a recent article about Saint Thérèse of Lisieux.


Margie said…
Thanks for sharing that!
It made me smile!
I do believe those kind of things happen quite often!
Hard to explain or understand... but, there are so many things in this big wide world that we cannot figure out!
Sometimes we just have to go on faith and hope!

I just might even use that florist if I ever have the inclination to send some flowers to some friends I have in the Boston area!

Take care
and have a wonderful weekend!

Kuan Gung said…
Very nice..
wheresmymind said…
Sometimes it is great going with a smaller company other than a franchise for customer service :)
So So Simple said…
You should buy a lottery ticket.

It looks like your lucky week.
Lisa Johnson said…
samuru999 - I agree. Sometimes faith and hope are really all we have. That would be great if you used her!

kuan gung - Thank you!

wheresmymind - Very true!

so simple - LOL! I thought the same thing and bought a scratch ticket. Nothing!
suttonhoo said…
wonderful story.

there was a book written recently about St. Theresa that was favorably reviewed -- I can't remember if it was by the NYT or the London Review of Books -- but I've been intrigued by her story ever since. (St. Francis is another saint whose story seems particularly cool. I say all of this as an outsider: my mother's side of the family is catholic, but I have very little connection to the religion. although the mysteries and the rituals intrigue me some.)
Hip Grandma said…
coincidences do experience tells me so!Belated happy b'day!
Lisa Johnson said…
suttonhoo - I'll have to look for that book. I'm really interested in learning more about her now. I find the Saints very intriguing too. Especially the whole process of becoming a Saint. It's pretty interesting. I do like the idea of miracles.

hip grandma - I do experience a lot of coincidences too and try to stay in the flow with them. I feel like it means that I am on the right path. And thanks for the birthday wish!
Does this mean there is a little romance going on?

I wonder if anyone will send me flowers on my birthday?

Lisa Johnson said…
something from me - Yes there is! LOL! Do you really want flowers for your birthday?
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

Be it coincidence or an angel delivering pleasantries your way the end result was certainly nice.
Great story and I hope life continues to throw you wonderful surprises for you to share with us.

Have a wonderful week, and as always, Happy Sipping!

Lisa Johnson said…
dezel - I hope so too!
Anonymous said…
Oh, romance, plus God only knows what else... Have you considered yelping? Not literally, from sheer delight, but going on Yelp to review this wonderful sounding place.
Lisa Johnson said…
lisa - LOL! I had never heard of Yelp before. Thanks for the info! I'll have to go there!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing your story. St Therese is my favorite saint and friend. She has given me so many signs with flowers that there is no explanation but to say it has been a miracle. I have smelled the scent of roses when I asked her for my petition and it was indeed granted (thank you St Therese you are the best!!!). Also, I have seen flowers of the exact color that I ask for after I ask her sincerely my petition, no matter if you are religious or not, se doesn't have any preferences, as long as you are truly sincere in what you are asking she will help you out.
Lisa Johnson said…
anonymous - Welcome! I'm glad you liked it. I almost felt strange writing about it at first, but there are just some things that we can't quite understand, but they are true and real. That is really amazing about smelling roses. Thank you for sharing and stopping by!

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