Crumbs Cupcake Chronicles Continued ~ The End (Updated)

This morning while I was hard at work, I received a text from G. "Crumbs bit the dust."

I couldn't believe it! The following text exchange ensued.

+ + +

Me: Crumbs the cupcake place???

G: Yes.

Me: That is huge news!!! I should be blogging breaking cupcake news. I've covered them a lot.

G: Health craze.

Me: Really?? I think they were just overpriced.

+ + +

Many have been banging the death knell of cupcakes for years. Saying the trend was over and pies were the new cupcake.

Well as far as I'm concerned, cupcakes will always have a special place in the dessert world. Just maybe not such an expensive place.

Pies have their place too. But they will never replace cupcakes. They are different and I'm perfectly happy with dessert diversity.

It does seem like hybrid desserts are a thing. The Cronut has had its time in the sun and the combination confections continue. Who knows what the next big dessert thing will be?

It's sad to see Crumbs go. It's not just the cupcakes though. Many people are losing their jobs. Rep

*Updated 7/10/2014* You just can't keep a good cupcake down! From a story that I just read on CNBC and a Tweet that Marc Lemonis retweeted, it seems that Lemonis and his investment group will be providing financing and acquiring the brand. 
This sweet saga continues!

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