The World's Shortest Grant Application #140Difference

As I mentioned in another post, I’m planning to write more about sustainable seafood. However, it takes time and money to write, research and create video. So I'm submitting the World's Shortest Grant Application in hopes of securing some funding.

You know I'm serious about seafood! Winning the GAA Seafood Sustainability Award made me realize how much more there is to write about seafood.

"Learning ways that consumers can better eat seafood sustainably is very important for all of us. It’s all about education and sharing what we learn. Then using that knowledge when we go food shopping and eat out at restaurants."

Between April 22 - May 9, So Delicious Dairy Free is awarding up to $15,000 in grants of various amounts to help people bring their ideas to life.

By the way, I enjoy their almond and coconut milks. You know I'm all about the dairy free milks on this blog!

Wish me luck! Since my tiny tweet is for a little grant, maybe the Saint of Little Ways, St. Thérèse of Lisieux will help me out.

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Margie said…
Good luck, Lisa.
Lisa Johnson said…
Margie - Thank you! : )

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