At Home Film Festival ~ New Year's

Even though I've been seeing some great movies at the theater recently, I'm still a fan of the at home film festival.

While I didn't watch all these movies in one sitting; it took several months. But there's something fun about watching a bunch of movies all in a row at home. Especially in the winter and over the holidays when there's more time to relax.

Since the New Year is coming up, here are some movie suggestions in case you'd like to try your own at home film festival. It's my favorite way to bring in the New Year. With some snacks and drinks of course.

I'm only sharing the movies that I liked. Some didn't make the cut, so no need to mention them. Most of the movies I got the DVDs from the library. The James Dean movies I was lucky enough to catch a mini marathon on PBS.

* * *
We Bought A Zoo: Loved it! A fun family-friendly movie.

My Week With Marilyn: This movie received some critical acclaim, but I also heard some mixed reviews. I really enjoyed it.

Marley & Me: When this movie first came out, I had my doubts. I'm not really a pet person, but I heard so many good things about it over the years. I absolutely adored this movie!

Then She Found Me: Funny and touching. I really liked this one.

Grave Of The Fireflies: This movie was amazing, haunting, and heart breaking.

East Of Eden: My first time seeing a James Dean movie! Now I see what all the fuss was about!

Rebel Without A Cause: This was a very different movie than what I expected. James Dean was quite an actor. Very sensitive and emotional. It makes me wonder what other movies he would have done if he hadn't died so young....

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Relyn Lawson said…
Hello, dear friend.
I love this idea.
I have a few wishes for you.
May 2014 bring you much joy.
May we all have peace in our homes,
laughter by our firesides,
time spent with family,
and contentment in our hearts.
Be well, my friend.
Lisa Johnson said…
relyn - Thank you and all the best to you in 2014 too! : )

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