At Home Film Festival

Over the long Memorial Day weekend, G and I caught up on some DVDs that I borrowed from the library.

They are all very good movies. However, except for Still Walking and A Peck on the Cheek, they are most definitely films for adults. Definitely not your Disney type family friendly fare.

If you're into independent films, you'll probably enjoy them. Recreate your own film festival at home with a few of these.

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Good and plenty said…
An at home film fest. What a great idea! I did a reading marathon. Gonna have to do the at home film fest soon. Thanks for the idea.
Lisa Johnson said…
good + plenty - It was really fun! Especially over a long weekend. I'm getting ready to order a bunch more DVDs from the library and may do another one soon.
Josephine said…
I wish I could do these more often. I've been wanting to see Perfect Host, since I think David Hyde Pierce is ridiculously talented. How was the movie?
Lisa Johnson said…
josephine - It was really good. Very creepy. Yet enough humor to make it enjoyable. I really like him too and as odd as it is, there's even a dance scene!

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