Dinner Club 2.0 + Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

If you've read this blog for a while, you know that I used to participate in a monthly dinner club. It was really fun. We would choose a celebrity chef each month and then each make one of their recipes for a pot luck dinner. I always made a dessert unless I was hosting.

Well, people got busy and the club sort of fell apart. It made me really sad. But now it's back! Our first dinner again is tonight. The cranberry-upside down cake pictured above is what I'm baking right now.

Since we're getting back in the swing of things again, we didn't choose one chef. We could pick any recipe that we wanted. It just has to be from a celebrity chef. When I was looking through my cookbooks, I grabbed Chez Panisse Fruit and saw this recipe again.

I thought this cake was amazing when I made it the first time. Hopefully it will be a hit with everyone!

Looking forward to seeing Kerry Washington hosting SNL tonight too!

Happy Weekend to you!

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Can-Can said…
Oh, yummy. Now I want to bake something. I baked my first pumpkin pie last week to take to a dinner. I am not a big pumpkin pie person since we only ate sweet potato pies in my family growing up. So, I baked pumpkin so I wouldn't be tempted in this season of desserts and rich food (although all bets are off for Thanksgivunkkah and Xmas). The pie got a lot of thumbs up and the tiny little piece I tasted was yum.
Glad your dinners are back.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - I love pumpkin pie! I don't usually have it except for the holidays, but it should be enjoyed more than that. The dinner was so much fun and my cake was a hit! I'm planning to make it for a brunch this weekend.

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