Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder about the people that you see on social media? I don't mean just a passing wonder for a few seconds like we all probably do. But a little more.

I've been following the Pinterest Board I eat & I drink for many months now. I always find the most delicious food on this board! Today I found this pin for Apple Brownies. Wow! I will be trying this recipe.

But then for some reason, I wondered about the pinner. Who is she? I have been repinning her pins like crazy for months, but never really wondered about her as a person.

Today I wondered. So, I clicked over to her Pinterest home page and looked for a blog or website link. I found one and clicked on it.

She doesn't blog on a regular basis, but I found this blog post from July about her brother called My Regrets. It is the most touching and sad post. Heart wrenching. Hopefully she will find her brother soon and he's okay.

I wrote about my brother recently and how he had not been doing very well. Thankfully he's much better. But it was really touch and go for a while. I truly feared we might lose him. Those sibling bonds are strong.

The older that we get, the more we realize that nobody has those childhood memories like our siblings do. When we eventually lose our grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, who else will remember that Thanksgiving morning when we were 12 watching the Macy's Parade? My mom grew up as one of 11 siblings and I see it happening.

If we are really lucky, we have some cousins. We grew up with the same extended family,  on one side, and have many of the same memories. Count on your cousins!

On that note, I hope you have a great weekend. Go Sox!

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Can-Can said…
I do wonder especially about bloggers I follow who stop posting for weeks and then months at a time. some time I've been able to track them down, sometimes not. When they've reappeared I've been ecstatic because I missed them even though I only "knew" them through blogs.
As for cousins, I have them by the dozens and recently reconnected with one I hadn't been in touch with for 30 years. She remembers somethings I don't. Thanks for this post.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - Yay for cousins! : )

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