#Boston #Foodies: Take the Silver Line to Farnsworth

Have you been to Farnsworth Street? It's a short and very sweet street off of Congress Street that's very easy to miss. Even when you're looking for it. But keep looking. There's lots of good food there.

Most people in the Boston area know about Flour Bakery. Several years ago, that's how I first learned about Farnsworth Street, which is considered part of Fort Point Channel.

A few months ago I was working in the area and had a chance to get more acquainted with it. If you happen to be driving, there is a parking garage.

On a Saturday, you might be able to find metered parking, if you don't mind walking a bit. On a Sunday, the meters will be off, so you could drive in and park at a meter for free.
You can also take the T and get there quite easily. Take the Silver Line to Courthouse Station, which is just one stop from South Station. The picture above to the left shows the station with the Federal Courthouse in the background.

You might have seen some pictures of it in the news. There's a rather famous trial happening there right now and a big verdict might be coming soon.

The picture to the right is the inside of the station. It looks so modern! When I took these pictures, it was a Saturday afternoon and the station was empty.

So if you exit the station and cross over Seaport Boulevard, then cut through the parking lot and keep walking, you will arrive at Farnsworth Street. It's a pretty quick walk.

Yada Yada Cafe is one of the first places that you'll see on Farnsworth coming from that direction. I went in there once to look around. The food looked good and the people were really nice. I already had food that day though, so I planned to go back. On this trip back it was a Saturday and they were closed, so I can't tell you much more. Have you tried it?

A newer place that has opened is quite literally and figuratively the bee's knees. Bee's Knees Supply Company is like a dream store that carries all these things that you imagine you'd like to see and have. But it exists in real life! I've been there several times and brought friends along with me. It never disappoints! Everyone has loved it!

The take-out food is delicious. You can eat inside as well or sit out on the patio that they share with Flour. They have a market and sell all sorts of things. Flowers, plants, cheeses, wine, deli meats.

They make their own chocolate candy. They have gifts and batch ice cream.  Bee's Knees will blow your mind. If you are looking for treats for yourself or someone else who is into food, please just visit this place. I was staring down the aisles in amazement.

Like a kid in a candy store.

I love plants too! Did they create this store just for me?!

My description will not do Bee's Knees justice. Look at their website. Look at these pictures. They cater too!

But really. Just go there and visit. I dare you to leave without buying anything. It might not be possible. But you sure will have fun parting with your money!

Happy weekend friends!

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Can-Can said…
I've been down that area a lot - most recently when my granddaughter came to visit - didn't go into Bees Knees (not a window shopper and I was broke) but I will go back because of your superlatives and photos. Thanks.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - Let me know what you think!
Margie said…
Another great tour, Lisa.
Thank you!
Bee's Knee's I would love!

Take care.
Lisa Johnson said…
margie - Thank you! Hope you're having a great week!

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