Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Love Flours!

Now you know that I can spell, at least somewhat, so the misspelling is on purpose. I do love flowers, especially daisies and sunflowers, but Flour is a wonderful bakery and cafe in the South End section of Boston. According to the Flour website and an employee, within the next few weeks, a new Flour is scheduled to open in the Fort Point Channel district, which is near the waterfront. Then there will be two, thus Flours plural.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the Flour Blog. The owner Joanne Chang is a blogger! The blog lists the weekly dinner specials, plus the soups, quiches, pizzas, and stuffed breads that are available for lunch. And it is updated regularly. I've been checking!

Today, Wednesday, I didn't make my lunch, so I decided to stop by around noon. Luckily, I found a parking space very close by. I'm still mostly driving to work and have only taken the T once this month. I officially cancelled my monthly pass, but I digress.

Flour was really busy. As I was walking in the door, an employee walking in at the same time, greeted me, smiled and held the door open. Everyone seems pretty happy and friendly there. The tables were full and as people left, others sat down. I waited in a small line, but it moved along quite well. There were a lot of employees out front and working out back too. Although there were a lot of people in a rather small area, they seemed to move around each other like a well-oiled machine.

I caught a quick glimpse of the owner, as I was waiting in line. I recognized her from the picture on her website. She was out back and walked toward the counter area to greet one of the employees. She was smiling and seemed very friendly. There's a good vibe in this place, which I'm sure will transfer to their new location.

I had one of the weekly specials - smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese and red onion quiche. It was very good. The consistency was different than most quiches, really creamy almost pudding like, maybe because of the cream cheese. I'm not sure, but it had a nice feel to it. I've been to Flour before to buy some bread, which was delicious. They have a wonderful array of breads and desserts too. In fact, Flour's motto is "make life sweeter ... eat dessert first!"
Now you know that I love dessert. And you may also know that I love to eat backwards meals, where dessert is first. A place after my own heart.

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vasilisa said...

Did you see the movie "Stranger than fiction?". It has a very touching moment where the main character brings a girl he likes an assortment of flours... Cause she's a baker...

Your post kinda reminded me of that...

Sanjay said...

Sounds like a cool place. What happened to the gruffy, aloof New Englander thing? ;)

Asha said...

Great Info! Flour is a unique name for a restaurant!

Lotus Reads said...

Loved reading about "Flour", Anali and I love their motto! In some states in INdia, people do start with a sweet first and then proceed to eat the rest of the meal...nice!

starry nights said...

sounds like a neat place.Its my kind of place dessert first then the meal.

wheresmymind said...

You are one of 2 people that know that actually drives to work downtown!

Sai said...

Nice review. I am glad there isn't any stuffy pretention here. BTW I love smoked salmon...yummy and a nice creamy quiche

Jeseem said...

i like to eat meal backwards too. start with desert and then stay at desert :)

checked out the floor website. food pics look so inviting

Anali said...

vasilisa - I haven't seen the movie, but I'll have to rent it. Thank you! I love movies with nice food scenes! Like the last scene in the movie "As Good As It Gets" when they go out and buy freshly baked bread early in the morning. The perfect ending to the movie! I could just smell it as I was sitting in the theater.

sanjay - There are still some around! But it's not all of us! : )

asha - Isn't it cool? When I first heard of it, I knew it was a place that I wanted to try.

lotus reads - If I ever make it over to India, I guess I need to go to at least one of those states!

starry nights - It's all about the sweets! Hey, that could be my motto!

wheresmymind - If it weren't convenient I wouldn't do it, but it's so easy!

sai - Thank you! I love salmon in any form, well not raw. I'll probably get a lot of flack for this, but I'm not a sushi person except for the California roll, which I know is wimpy.

jeseem - LOL! Then stay at dessert??!! You're hilarious!

karrie said...

This is one of those places that has long been on my "I need to stop there sometime." I think you just bumped it up a few spots. :)

Anali said...

karrie - Good! I hope you get there soon!

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