Tony's Clam Shop: Wollaston Beach #Quincy #MA

My mom and I had lunch this past Sunday. She wanted to eat outside by the beach, so we ended up going to Tony's Clam Shop. It's so close to my house and the food is far beyond what you might expect. It's that good.

The prices aren't cheap. But the portions are huge. I will almost guarantee that you will love your food too.

I highly recommend Tony's. The experience is everything that summer should be. Casual setting. Great food. Outside with a beautiful view of the water.

The last time that I was at Wollaston Beach, I promised that when I returned, I'd take pictures of the commercial side. So here is a picture of Tony's Clam Shop if you're on the beach side looking across the street.

I must say that I prefer this picture with a view of the ocean from our table. If you love the sound of waves crashing on the shore, click on their website and just listen. I'm practically being lulled to sleep.

Don't you love summer? Me too. : )

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Margie said…
Good food, good portions and eating by the beach, sounds perfect to me!
If i ever get back that way I will have to try Tony's Clam Shop.

And I do love summer :)

Nice post but you made me hungry!
Lisa Johnson said…
margie - LOL! If I made you hungry, then my job is done. : )
Can-Can said…
My granddaugther (6 1/2) is having her annual summer visit and my husband and I went to Tony's on Tuesday. Yum. There's a playground nearby, too. Nice photos.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - That's nice that she's been here for such great weather. She must have had so much fun at the playground!

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