Roundup: Valentine's Day Cookie Cutters

Looking to make some romantic cookies for your Valentine? Maybe you're making cookies for your friends or family. Or maybe another special someone -- you!

Well, here's a selection of quite a few lovely cookie cutters. You're not stuck with just plain hearts anymore. Hearts come in many different shapes and sizes. Just like people! And your cookie doesn't even have to be heart shaped. You might not get them in time for this year, but you'll be all set for next year.

What fills my heart about this roundup even more is that all these cookie cutters are made in the United States. Yup! Made in America!

Going from left to right, take a look at the cookie cutters above, plus one more not pictured here.

~ The Heart with Arrow cookie cutter is made by The Classic Cookie Cutter. They are offering 15% off all single cookie cutters with the discount code LOVE at checkout through February 15th.

~ If you really want to add some love to your cookies, the LOVE cookie cutter will do the trick! These cutters are made right here in New England, up in Vermont, by Ann Clark, Ltd.

~ These Lips cookie cutters might make your cookies seem even sweeter! Foose makes quite an array of Valentine's Day cutters, so you can choose quite a few.

~ Hammer Song cookie cutters are revered by bakers and many others as well. The Falling In Love Cupid cookie cutter is adorable and would be a wonderful gift to be treasured for many years to come.

~ If you're looking for vintage cookie cutters, Cape Cod Copper Works cookie cutters might be more your style. These two heart shaped cookie cutters were for sale on eBay.  All proceeds of the sale go to The Gear Foundation, a charitable organization that helps people with disabilities, which is a cause that is dear to my heart.

And on another note entirely, if you're wondering how to make a with your keyboard, take a look here for the trick.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

*Updated 7/21/2014* This post was updated and many dead links were removed.

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