Happy 100th Julia!

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Julia Child would have been 100 years old today. While she didn't live to see this day, her joy for life and cooking are still very much alive and inspire so many of us. She even helped me with yoga.

Today there will be celebrations online and this week restaurants all over the country are serving special meals in honor of Julia's life and legacy. She got a Google Doodle today too!

Luckily for those of us in the Boston area, the celebration will last a little longer than this week. On September 21st, the Schlesinger Library, which holds Julia's papers, will host a one day symposium marking her 100 years, called Siting Julia.

Siting Julia is free and open to the public. The symposium is all day and speakers will explore her time in Paris, Cambridge, and national television.

Have fun celebrating this beautiful day that brought Julia into the world. It should definitely include some good food. Bon Appétit!

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She truly was a remarkable woman and a pioneer of her time.
Lisa Johnson said…
bellini - Most definitely! Thanks for visiting. Always nice seeing you here. : )
Terri said…
That sounds like a fascinating exhibit. Happy Birthday, J! I did a little tribute to her on my blog, too. She deserves it!
Lisa Johnson said…
terri - It was so exciting to see all the tributes! Pretty amazing. I'm looking forward to the exhibit. I'm registered! : )

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