Julia Child: Yoga Teacher?

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been catching up on back issues of Yoga Journal. I really enjoy the magazine and look forward to curling up in a blanket and reading each article.

Coincidentally, I just read on their website that today is Yoga Day USA. So today, there are classes and workshops, some free, all over the country. I'm posting this a bit late for most of us on the East Coast, but those of you in the West, might still catch a class.

My yoga practice has waxed and waned over the years, but I'm trying to get on track again, and exercise more in general. I've been keeping track of my workouts online, so I can see exactly what I've done over time. You can take a look too.

While I'm on the treadmill, I watch TV. On the weekends, it's a great time to catch up on the cooking shows on PBS. Today, I watched Sara Moulton making pizza while I was doing my walk. The French Chef with Julia Child came on after and Julia was making croissants.

I got on the floor. Did some stretches and added some yoga poses. While it may not be very conventional to do yoga while watching, or more listening to The French Chef, it worked. Julia has a very soothing voice and I found that her words reminded me of my yoga teacher.

My yoga instructor describes Savasana as "the dessert" of our yoga practice. I always smile when she says that. I consider Child's Pose a little bite of that dessert before eating the whole thing.

So today, after doing a few poses and stretches, my back needed a bit of a rest. I folded into Child's Pose. And I heard Julia's voice softly in the background giving instructions on how to make croissants.
"Roll it out. Stretch it. Let it relax. Let it rest. Don't force it. Pull out this end a little more."
So I did that with my pose. And it worked. I felt great. Who knew? Julia Child as yoga instructor. As Julia finished baking the croissants, she set the table, poured coffee, spread jam on her croissant, pulled out a newspaper and spoke of the beauty and simplicity of her breakfast.

She spoke with such joy in her voice, sparkle in her eye, smiling and living in the moment. And isn't that what we're seeking with yoga? Finding joy and living in the moment. Julia taught us well.

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Nina said…
I love Yoga too, but I have to admit I haven't practiced it quite a long time. Today my excersise of choice is Zumba. Have you tried that? Super fun!!!
Lisa Johnson said…
nina - I have heard about Zumba. It does sound fun! I haven't done it yet, but plan to!
Asha said…
I used to do Yoga when I was a teenager in India and I was the slimmest girl at that time and didn't need it. Now I do need Yoga but not doing it but I am on stationary bike most days! :D

I loved "Julie and Julia" movie.
I like Savasana too, lie there like you are dead. "Sava" means "dead body" in Sanskrit as you might know!!
Tracy said…
Yoga to Julia Child--I LOVE that, Anali! It's all about the JOY! After about a month of not enough time on the mat, I'm getting back to my practice too... It feels so good. Happy Days, my friend :o) ((HUGS))
jenious said…
You are so right! As I split free time between yoga and cooking/writing about cooking, I enjoyed your sharing this moment with us. Beautiful insights that I'll keep in mind the next time I practice. Happy Friday!
Sabrina said…
Wow, doing yoga and learning how to do recipes at the same time. You are amazing.
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - I've never tried the stationary bike, but it must be a great workout. I used to love riding my bike when I was a kid. I would ride for miles! The corpse pose is the other word for it, but it does sound rather horrible. It is very relaxing though. : )

tracy - Happy days to you too my friend and lots of JOY!

jenious - Glad you enjoyed it! Julia was and is still such a great teacher!

sabrina - Welcome and thank you!

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