You Know You Really Love Blogging When ...

Yes, I've become a stand-up comedian since my last blog post. : )

Back to reality!

Not that there was ever a doubt. But I recently realized to what extent I adore blogging. It's not enough to read blogs online. I like reading about them in print!

While I was waiting out the storm last month, I went into the BU Bookstore to get some Boston University gear as Father's Day gifts.

I also bought my first copy of Artful Blogging Magazine. Such a treat! One of the blogs that I really enjoyed reading about is Art & Lemons.

The writer, Nikki, lives in Massachusetts too. If you haven't visited her blog already, click on over and take a look. You'll be glad that you did.

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Tracy said…
Hi, Lisa! I love Artful Blogging, and like to look at it on trips home--great fun to see many talented spirits out there. Speaking of blogs... I am actually launching a new blog today, with new creative focus--I'm very excited about it. In a few weeks I'll be closing Pink Purl. Thanks for visiting me there. ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
tracy - Congrats on the new blog! I just changed the link on my sidebar. Tried to leave a comment too, but it didn't seem to take. Maybe next time. Have a great week! ; )

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