Another Boston Blogmeet

When you start blogging, one of the things that you realize is that there are a lot of really cool people in the world. People who you would otherwise never get to meet.

But since you both blog, you find that you have common interests and get along really well. Commenting on each other's blogs, flickr pages; sending nice tweets and emails. You feel like friends before you actually meet in person.

So when you go to a conference or take a trip somewhere, you probably know a blogger who lives nearby. And then you can have a blogmeet!

Which is what I got to do a few weeks ago. And this blogger, Mosilager, is one of the first that I met as a new blogger. I don't remember how I found his blog, but he always had something interesting to say on his and left nice comments on mine.

One of the most surprising things about meeting him in person, was that he didn't have his camera. His photography is incredible. Look here too. But his main profession is as a scientist. And as it happened, he was in Boston for a conference, so he let me know that he would be in the area.

We met at Haro Sushi for a quick lunch and I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting and the conversation. Another great blogmeet!

Have you met any bloggers recently?

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Mosilager said…
Thanks so much Anali! It was great meeting you... too little time though, it flew by. I didn't have enough time to get get the camera, the schedule was packed and I didn't want to lug it around but glad you had yours.

Looking forward to a repeat of the blogmeet !
Tera said…
Oh that meal looks awesome! It reminds me of what I have when I visit Sapporo...yummy!!!
christina said…
it sounds like a lovely time.
yum to that food.
Chris said…
Hi Anali! No, I haven't met any bloggers yet. But I have a list of three. You, Se'Lah and Lynn over at Allegria Images. Love the pic of the food. I want to reach in there and grab one of those shrimp right now! YUM!
Lisa Johnson said…
mosilager - You're welcome! Looking forward to the next time too! ; )

tera - Thanks! I really like how the picture came out too.

christina - Definitely, yes! ; )

chris - I hope we get to meet soon!
Suldog said…
I've met a few, but none recently. All the meetings have been good times, though. It's a lovely community, for the most part, isn't it?
Tracy said…
Such fun! And beautiful sushi... I've been luck to meet two blog-friend in the nearly 5 years I've been blogging. It really is special to meet up. Have not had the chance to meet anyone recently though--just in cyberspace. ;o) Happy Days, Lisa ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - It is a wonderful community. And I cannot believe that I haven't met you yet!

tracy - Happy weekend to you! ; )
Can-Can said…
You're the most recent blogger I met. I met several Bloggers a few years ago when had a regional conference in Burlington.

Wouldn't mind meeting more. On another note, that tempura looks so good. I gave up all flour for Lent and that photo and the previous blog's photo of a cake have me craving over here. Thank u very much!
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - I remember missing that regional BlogHer conference. I had wanted to go. Well, I guess when you visit this blog, it's pretty much a given that there will be lots of flour! ; )

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