My Kind Of Town ... Chicago Is

Frank said it best. Watch and listen to this YouTube video here.

This was my second trip to Chicago and every time I leave, I keep thinking about my next visit. There's so much more to see and experience. I don't really know where to begin, but it might be easiest going backwards. The BlogHer Conference was incredible. I'll be breaking my experiences up into smaller chunks, so I can try and do them all justice.

Yesterday, was my free day and I was lucky enough to hang out with Suttonhoo . She is one of my favorite bloggers and now one of my favorite people. It's so cool meeting someone in person after learning so much about them from their blog. That's how it felt. Like seeing one of my dearest friends after not seeing her for a long time.

Since she knows I love food and Fox & Obel Market was very close to my hotel, we stopped there for a bit of browsing and a nice lunch outside. The weather was perfect. I bought a little treat for my baking and this wonderful weekend bag. I used to have one similar that I found at Crate & Barrel years ago, but I wore it out. I had given up on ever finding a replacement, but I found it when I wasn't looking!

Then we did a bit of walking around Millenium Park and saw some beautiful sights. There was the Lurie Garden with all sorts of plants and flowers. The Crown Fountain that shows different peoples' faces then spouts water. A waterfall nearby that lots of kids and some adults too, stand under while it collects water then wait for the big gush of water to fall over them and everyone screams with delight. There's also a big reflective sculpture called "the Bean" that everyone walks around and under. It was such a fun day. There was also a really cool flamenco band practicing for a performance. They sounded amazing, so we sat for awhile and enjoyed some good conversation, great music and being in Chicago in the summer.

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Asha said…
Sounds like great little vacation! We used to visit Chicago often when we used to live in Minneapolis.Love the downtown and there is a little India in Devon street!:)
suttonhoo said…
oooooooooo -- your cameraphone pics came out beautifully! so good to see you, Anali -- and so glad to see you made it home safe and sound. Thanks so much for taking the time to hang out -- can't wait for the rest of the updates -- it sounded like a great conference.
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

Like your photo layout and those little custom effects you applied on some of the pictures. Look forward to hearing more about your trip as well, and “seeing”. Appears you had a great time. Awesome!

Happy Sipping!

Anonymous said…
nothing beats summer in chicago! i used to work in sears tower for a few years till i moved out to asia. just browsing on blogroll sites and thought i'd stop and say hi. plz come visit my blog sometime ok? =)
Tera said…
Sounds like you had a great the collage of photos!!!

I wanna go!!!!!!!!!!
Nance said…
Chicago...! It's been too long.
jac said…
Talk of the town around is blogher.

From the post I know that you had a good time, my cousin.

What a delight, your collage !!
Kalyn Denny said…
Lisa very fun meeting you! It was great, wasn't it!
PunditMom said…
It's a great town when things run smoothly in and out of O'Hare! Hope to see you at BlogHer next year!
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - It was really nice and the conference was in the best location. Being right on the water felt like home.

suttonhoo - Thanks! I had fun on our little adventure!

dezel - Glad you like the pics! I ran out of memory in my camera, so I had to resort to the camera phone again!

steve - Welcome! I really like your blog! I'll be back again!

tera - Thanks! What a great city! I can't wait to go back!

nance - I hope you get to go soon!

jac - Collages are fun aren't they? I'm trying to mix things up a little. ; )

kalyn - Welcome! It was great meeting you too! I really did have a blast!

punditmom - I had some trouble flying in too with all those thunderstorms. I definitely plan to go next year and hope I can catch up with you then! ; )
Lotus Reads said…
I agree wholeheartedly, Chicago is my kind of city too! Glad you had a good time and how wonderful you were able to meet up with so many of your blogger friends!
Enyasi said…
Blogher and Suttonhoo... You lucky thing!!! So glad you got to meet her and I look forward to reading more about your trip. :-)
CapCity said…
glad u had fun, Sis - wish i was there! maybe next year we'll meet eye2eye;-)
Lisa Johnson said…
enyasi - I guess I am pretty lucky huh? ; ) I'm trying to put together my next post soon!

capcity - I hope you go! You would love it! And I do hope that we get to meet! ; )
Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - Ooops almost missed your comment! It was a great time!
amisha said…
sounds like so much fun!! the one time i visited chicago was also in july and it was a gorgeous, sunny, clear day in the 70s and i hung out in millenium park for hours, happy as a clam.
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - I guess next time I'll have to go in the spring or fall. ; )

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