Saturday, September 18, 2010

Taking A Few Steps Back

Like this seagull, time flies. Almost two weeks ago, I said that I'd share some more pictures from my walk. I got caught up with work, but met my deadline yesterday. Priorities.

But I didn't forget. So here are some pictures of Boston's waterfront area at Rowes Wharf. If you'd like some music to go with the pictures, click here for some Otis Redding.

I also said that I'd report back about some Back to Nature products. Disclaimer: The Sunflower Basil Crackers and Fudge Mint Cookies were provided free to me. Thank you Genevieve!

But if I hadn't liked them, you wouldn't be hearing about them. There are no pictures of these treats, because G and I inhaled them! Yes, they were that good! Especially the cookies! Such chocolaty minty deliciousness!

They're a nice treat whether on land or at sea.

I can just picture myself sitting aboard this beauty while snacking on a few.

I hope you like the pictures. And enjoyed this short walk with me.

I have more pictures for you coming up. Unfortunately, I haven't been to Italy recently. Well, ever actually. But I did take a lovely stroll around the North End. Here's a little preview.

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