My Fruitless Search For The Big Hammock

Did you hear about the big hammock? I read about it and thought that I had time to see it and try it for myself.

What's more bloggable than a giant hammock in the middle of the city? So very much unlike my usual self, I did not do my research to make sure that the hammock would still be there. I assumed there was time.

There's a reason why people say never assume. *sigh*

I met a friend for coffee earlier, then set out on my journey to find the big hammock.

It was a gorgeous day and I figured it would be nice to walk and take some pictures. It's always nice to have some current stock photos of the waterfront and Greenway area.

So I'm walking. And walking. And do not see a giant hammock. I saw a woman walking by and asked her if she knew where to find the big hammock. I guess I know how to spot the right people. She said, "Oh, I think it came down on the 4th. I have an article about it here."

Then she opened her purse and pulled out a section of the paper with an article about it. We looked at the picture and tried to match up the buildings pictured in the paper with the buildings in front of us. Kind of like in this video. We kept walking until we saw the buildings, but no hammock. We missed it.

So I continued my walk and took some more pictures. I'll share them soon. So much for the Big Hammock.

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alessandra said…
However nice pictures, love especially the first ;)
Lisa Johnson said…
Thanks Alessandra! ; )
I just found this after a google search of the big hammock. My boyfriend and I walked for what seemed like ages to find it and just as we were about to give up, there it was just sitting right in the middle of the greenway. I wonder if it will ever come back? I emailed the only contact I could find on the hammock project website, but it seems as if it dropped off the face of the planet as of Sept. 13, 2010. Kind of sad! I was hoping to see it again!
Lisa Johnson said…
christina - Welcome to the blog! I guess I wasn't the only one to miss it. I really wish they'd bring it back too. : (

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