Walking Around Quincy Center

Recently, there's been a lack of food on this blog. I've been baking far less the past couple of months. And focusing more on trying to stay positive despite circumstances that often make me feel otherwise.

A blog post written by Andrea Scher says exactly what I've been doing. "Create what you most need to find."

This blog could very easily turn into a daily rant, but that won't make me feel any better and I'm sure that you don't want to read that either. So I guess what I've written about and posted here is what I've needed. Creation of SOLSTICE had a lot do with that too.

But today, there's food again on this blog. Yesterday, I walked around Quincy Center and stopped in a couple of local shops. Gunther Tooties is a new local bakery that I've been hearing about the past few months. It's a nice space, bright and open with comfortable seating. Very similar to Starbucks which is just a few doors down. The space might be bigger than Starbucks. Or maybe it seemed bigger because there were less people?

Not sure, but Gunther Tooties had a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable young man working the counter. Their specialty is bagels, but I don't really eat them anymore. I think I overdosed on them at Brandeis.

I spied some croissants and thought, "Definitely yes!" Then I asked if they had fresh homemade yogurt, which was what I was looking to get in the first place when I left the house. To my surprise, he said that they did. You just never know!

This morning I heated up the croissant and had the yogurt for my breakfast. But of course, I had to take a picture first. They were really good! If you're in Quincy Center, I definitely recommend Gunther Tooties. I love Starbucks myself, but it's nice to help local business too. And they are just a couple of doors down.

So, I packed up my croissants and yogurt, walked out the door and noticed Gypsy Kitchen, which is a gourmet wine and cheese shop. This is sounding very French isn't it? Interesting, now that look back on it.

I walked in the door and was asked, "Are you here for the wine tasting?" Well, I wasn't really. I just randomly wandered in. But who am I to turn down free wine? The shop is small, but it's just the cutest place and they have so many interesting things. I've been there a couple of times before and usually pick up something new to try in the kitchen.

There were several people there on purpose for the wine tasting, which they have every Friday evening. A young couple was talking to the owner about places to eat that night. It turns out that the owner, Lisa Lamme, just wrote a cookbook called The Gypsy Kitchen: Transform Nothing into Something Delicious with a Little Culinary Magic, which can be pre-ordered on Amazon. So exciting!

And on top of the interesting conversation about food, wine, and cookbooks, I found a new sweet wine that I adore. It's called Moscato D'Asti by Villa Jolanda in Italy. I saw the Moscato on the label and knew that I'd be in for a sweet treat!

After leaving, I hopped on the train for all of one stop, then walked out onto the platform. Well some of my prayers must have been heard, because I kid you not, a wad of cash blew in front of me. At first I didn't know if it was real money, but it was literally blowing away, so I grabbed it all just in case. I looked around and nobody was stopping or seeming to notice it. Then I was the only one there. Twenty-eight bucks!

Well, it certainly isn't going to drastically change my life, but it was a nice way to end my little trip. I guess all my random wanderings and conversations put me in the right spot at the right time.

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sage said…
I've been meaning to stop at Gunther Tooties for a while too. I'm definitely going to now that I see (from your photo) that they have frozen chai!!
Betsy said…
I live in the next town over, will certainly look up the bakery this coming week.
El said…
Congrats on your windfall! And thanks for the tour of Quincy food. Sounds like you had a nice day after all
Lisa Johnson said…
sage - Thanks for the visit! I hope you enjoy your frozen chai!

betsy - Welcome! Did you stop in?

el - Thanks! It turned out well. : )

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