Life List Update: Beaches + Baking

I seem to be in a blogging frenzy these past few days. Little things keep striking me as being interesting. So of course I have to share them.

First, I just read the list of the Top 10 Beaches in America. Have you visited any of them?

It was so nice to see a Massachusetts beach on the list. #7 is
Coast Guard Beach on the Cape. I visited Nauset Beach, which I think is very close by.

There are so many beaches that I haven't visited, so I decided to add #101 to My Life List - Visit 3 new beaches each summer. This will give me greater incentive.

Second, I've made progress on #58 - Make homemade Graham Crackers. I have a graham cracker recipe and finally found some graham flour. I had to go to a health food store, but luckily Quincy has a really good one. Now to get baking!

Have a great weekend everyone! I have a pretty busy one ahead. And I'm going to see SATC 2 tomorrow. Any special plans for the holiday?

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Michelle said…
Oh, now I want to go to the beach! I haven't been in so long, and I live in California too. Great blog - now to check out your graham cracker recipe ('cause I think they're yummy too). Peace. :)

SITS visiting & blog following.
CK said…
Oh, wow, this is interesting. I was hoping that a beach in Texas would pop on the list but it looks like not.

I tried the graham cracker recipe (my son and I made them together). Haven't finished (the dough is in the fridge). They were fun to make but it was a pain to translate all the weight measurements into cups. I like to cook enough you would think I would invest in a scale already- oh well!
I'll tell you how they turn out.

-CK from SITS
CK said…
YUM! I added about 2/3 c. pureed spinach and a little extra cinnamon they turned out GREAT!
Sharlene T. said…
My plans are to do -- NOTHING. I've been traveling for the past few weeks and I'm pooped...gonna just enjoy the old homestead and catch up on things...Thanks for sharing the beaches...
El said…
I guess it's a good thing you're surrounded by so many good beaches. This weekend? I'm painting the bathroom and installing a walkway. Joy ;>) Have a great weekend.
Angel said…
I think the best beaches I've ever been to were the ones in Maui, HI. They were just gorgeous and the water temperature was perfect! I look forward to hearing more about your discovery of new beaches!
FH said…
We vacationed in Maui, Oahu and Big Island, enjoyed beaches there in Hawaii last June, uncomparable to any beache I have been so far. Of course we visit NC and SC beaches often, love them, thanks for the list! :)

Have a lovely weekend Anali. see you next week. Planning to see "Prince of Persia" on Monday.
Dubs said…
So, nothing against beaches in the northeast, but while they may be pretty they aren't warm! I can't figure out how BEACH WEATHER figured into his decision with 3 northeastern beaches and only 2 from Hawaii and 1 from California.
Tracy said…
Hi, Anali! We're just back from 2-week visit with family & friends in the US. Glad to stop by and catch up with you! Just love the beach and seaside... and happy to be living in pretty coastal town now. Great links--thank you! Happy Memorial Day weekend ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
michelle - Welcome and thanks for the comment! Peace to you too!

carrie k - Thanks for stopping by! You got to the recipe before I did! Glad you liked it. The spinach was an unexpected ingredient!

sharlene - Hope that you had a nice relaxing time. : )

el - I hope that your projects went well! I have to stop by your main blog and look for an update. I hope you're relaxing this weekend!
Lisa Johnson said…
angel - Welcome! I've heard so many good things about Maui. I'll have to get there one day.

asha - Maui does keep popping up as one of the best. Maybe I'll be able to report back from there one day! : )

lo - It's true that the water doesn't get very warm up here. But when the weather is super hot, it feels that much more refreshing.

tracy - So glad that you had a good trip and enjoyed the links. : )

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