A Tank Of Gas - $30.00

A day off from work on a Monday afternoon in August.

Sunny clear blue sky and 82 degrees.



wheresmymind said…
Where's the bikini??
Ankit said…
first pic is kinda confusing second is kool
Lisa Johnson said…
wheresmymind - I had on a tankini!

ankit - The first picture is a sand dune, but I guess it is kind of hard to figure out. I'm glad you liked the second one!
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

Very nice pictures; shame you had to feed the Bug $30. Sadly enough he/she might require $40 or $50 next year : ) I used to live nearby the water, rather nice way to relax after a hard or easy days work.

Have a wonderful week.

Happy Sipping!
Lisa Johnson said…
dezel - Thank you! I'm glad you liked them. I love being near the water, although it was a two hour drive to Nauset Beach, which is part of the national shore line. Where did you used to live?
Hip Grandma said…
nice pictures.sort of cools the mind
Nance said…
i hear ya! i am back to school in a week, and i feel really sad that summer is already over. where the heck did it go? but i had a great one! i'm already marking future days off on my calendar! (what a bad girl i am!)
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

I lived in Clear Lake (small island like commune), TX (about 15 min from Houston) for about a decade right off of the Gulf. Now this is not the prettiest water in the world but its water. In the day time it sort of looks like soup (lol), but at night when color is no object she sure is beautiful. Anyhow, coming home, or sitting on the balcony and watching the boaters, birds, etc. was sort of nice; also were the numerous shops and restaurants off the water.

Before coming to VA, I was working for my company in Southern CA (Orange County) for 1.5 yrs and being 10 minutes from Huntington Beach and 30 from Venice was really a treat. I miss riding my bike along the beach and stopping at the Tiki bars for a margarita or 2.

The water is a little further here but the vineyards have been a perfect substitute.

Have you always called up North home?

Happy Sipping!

Anonymous said…
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Lisa Johnson said…
hip grandma - It certainly was refreshing being there too.

nance - You especially had a great one! What an amazing vacation and wonderful pictures! I really enjoyed reading about it.

dezel - You sure do get around! There is something so soothing about looking at water. Yes, I have always lived in Massachusetts, but I do try and travel. I was in the VA area last year actually. I have family in MD.

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