Catching Up

I've been rather absent from blogging this week. My carpal tunnel is kicking up, and my library books are due soon, so I've caught up on some reading. I'm especially loving The Wisdom of Yoga.

Today I caught up with a friend that I hadn't seen in a long time. We had a quick lunch at Crema Cafe in Harvard Square.

I bought some beautiful green tea macarons. They were fantastic! Now I understand why there's a need for Macaron Day in New York City on Saturday. And I see why Carol loves macarons!

Sure CupcakeCamp is coming to Boston. But now I think we need a Macaron Day Boston.

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SE'LAH... said…
Hope your wrists feel better soon.

Thanks for your kind comments.

One Love.
Tracy said…
So sorry you've been hurting with carpel tunnel, Anali! I do hope you feel better soon... rest those hands/wrist. I can empathize very much as I often experience recurring tendonitis in my hands/wrists/arms from basically too much time at the computer. Only thing is to slow down, rest... That yoga book is a good one! Great stack of reading you have there. And green tea macarons... oh, yes! I've not had a macrons "fix" in a while...must remedy! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
se'lah - Thank you! And you're welcome!

tracy - My wrists are feeling a bit better, so I'm optimistic about this week. And I may have a new post up soon! Hopefully you'll get your macaron fix soon too! : )
Suldog said…
Now it's Monday, so hope the wrist is MUCH better!

Thought you might like mine today - about food, Chinese specifically. Your thoughts always welcome!
Tera said…
I hope you're feeling better soon Anali! And now I just remembered that I always get hungry when I visit your blog, LOL!
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - Loved the post! The wrist is still having issues unfortunately. : (

tera - Thanks for the good wishes! I'm typing with a wrist brace at this point. *sigh*

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