CupcakeCamp Boston - April 15, 2010

Back in December 2008, I wrote this post about my wish for Boston to host a CupcakeCamp.

Well sometimes wishes really do come true! CupcakeCamp is coming on April 15, 2010. Yup on tax day!

Well, technically it's not really in Boston. It will be in Somerville. From 7-10 pm at PA's Lounge in Union Square.

Click here for more information on CupcakeCamp Boston. I'll keep you all updated as I learn more.

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Sounds like something that cannot be missed Anali.
Josephine said…
that is definitely a camp i would sign up for! cupcakes 4 life! :)
Relyn Lawson said…
Life is so sweet when dreams and plans come true. Happy for you. Have fun.
Lisa Johnson said…
bellini valli - I can't even imagine all the cupcakes! This is going to be wild!

josephine - It's the coolest concept! Now this would be a great time for you to visit! ; )

relyn - Talk about an event to bring out the kid in all of us! I'm so excited! ; )

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