No Need For Waffle Withdrawal

I was reading the news last night and saw a story about an Eggo frozen waffle shortage. A waffle shortage? Hmmm. Okay.

According to the article, one of Kellogg's facilities was closed for a time due to historic amounts of rain in the area. On top of that, a bakery in another location is closed for repairs. With the two of these things happening together, it seems that it could take until mid-2010 before store shelves have sufficient quantities of Eggo waffles.

Apparently, some customers are already seeing dwindling amounts of Eggo waffles on store shelves and are considering rationing their waffles.

Well before people go crazy for lack of waffles, I hope they remember that waffles aren't a staple food like rice or corn. Waffles don't grow on trees or in a field. Waffles can be made at home people!

I'm going to try and not get too snarky. I'm much snarkier and more sarcastic in real life than on this blog. Or maybe I'll just let the snark rip!

Here are some waffle recipes. Waffle irons are sold all over the place and aren't too expensive.

With the money saved on not buying frozen waffles, probably after a month, the price of the waffle iron will already be covered. Plus homemade waffles are much healthier and tastier than frozen. I do admit that cleaning the waffle iron is a tedious task. But sometimes we have to buck up and do the hard work. Yeah. I think we can handle it.

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Josephine said…
i agree! homemade food and drinks are much more satisfying than store-bought.
PixieDust said…
I'm more of a pancake girl myself, which may explain why I have managed to stay calm through this waffle crisis...


El said…
This is a very funny post. I can't believe people still buy eggos. Aren't they from the 70's? I suspect there won't be a lot of pent up demand even after the water damage situation is resolved! (at least I hope not)
Ashley said…
Stopping by from SITS.

I found out about the shortage when I went grocery shopping the other day. The store had typed up a sign saying that they were out until further notice with a sad face. I didn't realize how important eggos were until then.
Can-Can said…
Used waffle irons are easily acquired in most thrift shops. I don't tend to make waffles because my disciplined husband can eat one and it's too much trouble to make a batch of batter but when family comes to town, they do get made.
What's it take - maybe ten minutes to make the batter? You can have waffles to table in 30 minutes tops. Too many of us have become too complacent about our food.
Lisa Johnson said…
josephine - So true! I'm getting ready to bake something soon actually.

pixiedust - That must explain it! ; )

el - I remember them from the 70's too! I guess some people stuck with them. Who knew?

ashley - Welcome! That sad face sign would have made me burst out laughing in the store!

can-can - Great idea about getting waffle irons used! When the weather is nice, I like getting bakeware at yard sales too. So much cheaper! I got my waffle iron as a Christmas present, which was one of the best ways to get it.

You're right about the time to whip up the batter. So quick! I can see not making everything from scratch all the time, but during the "waffle crisis" making waffles at home is a good idea. : )
Se'lah said…
the shortage won't affect my family...we make ours from scratch...with a waffle maker older than our child. :)
Lisa Johnson said…
se'lah - Glad to hear that you can weather the storm! ; )

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