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One of the best things about blogging are the connections that you make offline. Through conferences, meet-ups, or just hanging out with one new blog friend, real people are the best part of blogging.

Recently, I've participated in the Kindness Swap and the Gift of Jewels project. The beautiful picture above is my "Gift of Jewels" from Christina. The Gift of Jewels exchange was created by Se'Lah from the blog Necessary Room. The event was a huge success with dozens of participants from all over the world.

The colorful collage below is from KT, and my second postcard as part of the Kindness Swap. Thank you both for the beautiful works of art!

There's a beautiful passage written on the other side of the postcard. Here's an excerpt.

"To vibrate, to accept, to expand ... this is the new duty.

To give oneself as one is, to let life meet us as it really is.

To live for the moment and extract from each moment all that it holds of truth, beauty, and goodness without scruple, without vain questioning...

In childlike purity of heart ... to be able to be oneself.

To dare to be happy and at last allow one's soul to spread its wings." -Jeanne de Vietinghoff

What are the things that you like most about blogging? Have you had experiences meeting other bloggers? Please share in the comments!

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Suldog said…
What I love about blogging is meeting (at least virtually, although a few in actual physical sense) very nice people. Some are wonderful writers, some not, but just about everybody who comes to my place is a sweetheart. Well, at least those who comment. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of flames I've received in the 4+ years I've been blogging.

You, of course, are among the good ones - and I'm not just saying that because of the prize :-)
christina said…
i love the feel of meeting new people through blogging. I am very glad, our paths have crossed.
Tracy said…
Such sweet treats, Anali! Nothing so lovely as a surprise from a blog-friend. :o) I've been blogging for about 3 1/2 year and just love it. I love the friendships I've made through this wonderful medium of bringing people together worlds away. The friendship and companionship are every bit as true as "real life/real time" relationships. I've had the great pleasure of meeting two blog friends face-to-face and both were such joyous occasions to remember, and meeting for real solidified the relationships even more.I would love to meet more! I feel so blessed with much friendship in my life, and to give this gift in turn to many. Happy weekend, my friend :o) ((HUGS))
Palidor said…
That is really lovely. It's so true that blogging creates real connections and I'm always humbled by how wonderful the blogging community is.
. said…
Blogging is so much fun but I don't think I could face them in real life. I'm too shy in person.

It's fun getting postcards and their so special when they are handmade.


From SITS :D
El said…
What a beautiful post. It's wonderful to meet people you otherwise would not have encountered. I also like blogging because it helps me keep my baking skills sharp!
I love "meeting" people all over the world from different walks of life. I went to BlogHer in Chicago last summer and got to meet a lot of wonderful people in person too. I love the sense of community.
PixieDust said…
I have never met any bloggy lovelies in person, but the connections here are real all the same. I love sharing a conversation with people who are miles away, and whom I might never have had the chance to meet... like you!


Lora said…
I love the feeling of community, the humbled feeling I get when I see another follower added...that someone wants to read my words? Amazing.

I haven't met up with any bloggers yet, but have plans to meet with a couple within the next few months. I DO follow some blogs of people I already knew, does that count ;-)

Visiting you from SITS--you roll called right above me! Have a great day!
Nance said…
I love knowing that writing and reading are still valued! And I like the free and easy exchange of ideas that blogging/commenting allows.
SE'LAH... said…
Thanks for the blog love but the "Gift of Jewels" project would not have been possible and successful without giving souls such as yourself. Thanks for going above and beyond in this endeavour. I so appreciate you.

One Love.
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - I guess the prize didn't hurt though. : )

christina - I'm so glad our paths crossed too!

tracy - Happy weekend to you too my friend!

palidor - Welcome! Thank you for stopping by!

reviewer11 - Welcome! I'm basically a shy person too. I think many bloggers are and that's why we're so comfortable writing, which is rather solitary work. But I do hope you put yourself out there and meet some fellow bloggers. I think you'll be glad you did! ; )
Lisa Johnson said…
el - Great point about keeping our baking skills sharp! Blogging helps me with that too. : )

twenty four at heart - That sense of community is really an empowering feeling too!

pixiedust - Hopefully you'll get to meet some people in person. With your wonderful blog and the Kindness Swap on top of that, I know there are many of us who'd love to meet you!

lora - Welcome and thank you so much for dropping by from SITS! I just joined and this is a whole new community that I'm enjoying getting to know. You have a great day too! ; )

nance - I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right. And I love the free exchange of ideas too. That's why I feel frustrated visiting blogs that don't allow comments. They are cutting off the dialogue.

se'lah - Thank you and you're welcome! : )

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