Preparing For BlogHer Food '09

Lately, I've been thinking about mushrooms. So I searched The Commons on flickr for a picture without copyright restrictions.

I found this lovely photo of mushrooms in a basket from 1914. I was feeling artsy, so I did a bit of adapting too.

Why was I thinking about mushrooms? Well, I like them and I recently found out that The Mushroom Council is one of the Sponsors for BlogHer Food '09.

I also found out that I'll be able to attend their dinner! I'm so excited and will definitely blog about it later. I wonder what kinds of mushrooms they will be serving?

But enough about mushrooms. I have something else related to food and copyright to tell you about. How's that for a nice segue?

Remember when Jessica Seinfeld was sued for copyright infringement over her cookbook Deceptively Delicious? Well, in preparation for my panel discussion, I read the recent Opinion & Order and wrote a Guest Post on BlogHer about it. Please go on over and take a look!

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PixieDust said…
Oh, this is such a sweet image... it reminds me of the hobbits and their love of mushrooms.


Popping over to your article.

PixieDust said…
I'm back (I was unable to leave a comment on the article website), and your article was very informative. Thank you!

Certainly, I've doodled with the idea of laying out a cookbook, and I know that there are many chefs out there playing with foods, recipes, etc, that beside laying out instructions, you do need to add some warmth. Cooking should never feel like your being lectured! And the fact that mamas have been hiding veggies since forever, well let's just say it looks like Ms. Lapin lucked out on many levels.

One of my biggest problems will be that I don't measure - yikes!


Sean said…
I'll be at the dinner as well -- looking forward to it!
Josephine said…
excellent breakdown of the case! i had heard that the idea of hiding vegetables in food wasn't new and had been a cookbook topic even before Lapine's book.
shutterbean said…
i will be at blogher this weekend! look forward to meeting you!!!!!
So looking forward to meeting you this weekend!
Lisa Johnson said…
pixiedust - Oh I love the idea of hobbits too! So cute! I'm glad you liked the article. I'm rather free with measuring myself. When I cook I practically never measure. With baking I do, but I tend to change them.

sean - Welcome! I'm so looking forward to meeting you!

josephine - Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it. Within the last few days I heard that their might be an appeal. The saga may continue...

shutterbean - Welcome! Looking forward to meeting you too!

susan - Me too! Finally! ; )
christina said…
the dinner sounds like it will be divine. i hope you have a wonderful time.
off to read your article.
Brandi Reynolds said…
there's a mushroom counsil??? There's actually an official body dedicated to my favorite food???

Tracy said…
Very exciting about that dinner, Anali! Can't wait for your critique later! I LOVE mushrooms. I went mushroom picking once a couple years ago. Oh, that was fun. We make it like fall picnic and gathered mushrooms, then came back and made mushroom omelets for dinner--soooo good! Off to read all the links and articles. Always so much good happening here! Happy Day, my friend :o) ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
christina - I'm so excited! I read a tweet about the preparations. Six different types of mushrooms will be served and the wine pairings were being planned.

brandi - Yes there is! I'm going to have a whole new mushroom outlook after this dinner!

tracy - Mushroom picking sounds fun! They must have tasted so fresh. And I love having eggs for dinner too! I hope to take a ton of pictures and post them next week.

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