It's My Birthday Month!

I know that I shouldn't get this excited about my birthday anymore, but I still do! This month is busier than ever and I'm trying to catch my breath. It's time for us Virgos to celebrate!

Finally, I was able to try this recipe for Peach Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Frosting. What a treat! I did some major adapting, but they were still wonderful.

I received my first birthday card from L, one of my best friends. We've been friends since we met on the first day of college. She is two weeks younger than me and will never let me forget it!

This card is so pretty and was such a nice surprise, because I wasn't expecting one so early. Thank you L!

My birthday wish is to raise $500.00 for the Brockton Area Arc. Funding has been cut and their services are badly needed. They are such a wonderful organization and some really incredible people work there. I'm saying a little prayer.

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Nance said…
Happy Month-Long Birthday! September is a nice month, too. Not too warm every day, and it's usually a sunny one (here, at least). Hope you can do something a little special every day.
Esme said…
Happy Birthday Mont
SE'LAH... said…
Happy Birthday wishes Anali.

p.s. I've sent you an email.

One Love.
SYD said…
Happy Birthday Anali! You are never too old to be excited about your birthday. Each year is another precious gift filled with fantastic adventures!

Celebrate it well! I usually celebrate the entire month as well.
K. said…
Happy birthday!!!
Tracy said…
Hello, Anali! Wishing you a very happy birthday--hope the celebrating lasts all month long! :o) The cupcake is flavors..mmm...Hope very much your big birthday dream comes true. I found my way here via Se'Lah of Necessary Room. I was very lucky be the recipient of the lovely card you sent me via Se'Lah's *Gift of Jewels* Porject. I've sent you a little note.. But also wonderful to visit you here--you have a wonderful, engage blog. And with so many sweet treats here too I'll surely be back to visit--LOL! Happy Weekend, Anali :o)
Parisbreakfasts said…
I LOVE the idea of a Birthday Month!
BRAVO and bon anniversaire Anali!!
Carolg :)
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - Thanks! Today I didn't do much, but that's just what I wanted!

esme - Thank you!

se'lah - I'm so behind in these comments. Thank you for passing on my information.

brentwood kitchen shopper - Thank you! I'm glad to hear that someone else celebrates a birthday month as well.

k - Thank you!

tracy - Welcome! I'm so glad that you liked the card! Thanks for the sweet words and for visiting my blog.

carol - Merci beaucoup!
Josephine said…
happy birthday! we'll have to go for a special birthday treat when you're on the west coast :)
Rhea said…
I think you should always feel excited for your birthday. Why not? For me, I, too, don't ask for gifts but instead ask folks to donate to a favorite cause of mine, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Happy birthday!
Lisa Johnson said…
josephine - Thank you! We're going to have such a blast! ; )

rhea - That's a really good cause. Hopefully you've had some great results. At the very least, it's some good karma. And thank you for the birthday wishes! ; )

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