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Have you ever found yourself alone in a strange town? On an unfamiliar street. Feeling scared deep in the pit of your stomach.

It's dusk. You walk under a street lamp and the light goes out. You hear the leaves rustling in the wind, and you wrap your wool scarf tighter around your neck.

You want some chocolate. You wonder, "Where is the nearest chocolate shop?" Well don't suffer through that kind of terror again.

I was just reading another delightful post on Josephine's blog, Red Thread, and learned of a website called Chocomap, where you can search for the closest chocolate shop. Because none of us should ever be too far away from chocolate.

Do any of you have a favorite local chocolate shop? I did a post a while ago about a wonderful local chocolate shop called The Fudge Bar. I haven't been there in a while. Hmmm.

Well, if you don't have a favorite chocolate shop, click on the Chocomap and see what delicious shops are near you.

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FH said…
I am the only one at home who is not into chocolate here. unless they are Belgian dark chocolate! :D

Those look good though.

With 6" snow here today, I am craving for some movies to watch! I watched "Frozen River" y'day, get it if you can.
Suldog said…
I think you mentioned going to Philips Candy House, Anali, but if not, it's worth a little visit if you happen to be in the area. Just off of Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester, near Boston Bowl. Nice family chocolate house.
Nance said…
This scenario is precisely why I always carry Emergency Chocolate: in my purse, in my car, in my school bag. I'm with you--NEVER BE WITHOUT CHOCOLATE!
Oh this is dangerous information, Anali. Very dangerous!
Josephine said…
yes, yes, spread the word!
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - Belgian dark chocolate sounds so good right now, but it's only time for breakfast! : )

Thanks for the movie suggestion. I had never heard of "Frozen River", but it looks really interesting. I just added it to my Blockbuster queue.

suldog - Great suggestion!

nance - I think if I carried an emergency stash, I'd constantly be replacing it. That would be very bad. And yet quite good...

style and inspiration - How reckless of me!

josephine - Thank you for spreading the word first!
T. said…
Guess where I am right now - at a medical conference just a stone's throw from a Lake Champlain Chocolates boutique! You just know I'm gonna get a stash of chocolate-hazelnut pralines at some point between lectures in the next few days...!
Lisa Johnson said…
t - Have a great time at the conference! I'm so glad you were able to find a chocolate shop! Enjoy! : )

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