Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Randomness + Rainbows

From my list of 25 Random Things About Me, you know that I chase rainbows. See #4. I even find rainbows on twitter.

Well, people are starting to up the ante on the 25 Random Things Meme. There is a 25 Random Things About Twitter and there is a new blog that collects the best of everyone's random things called Best Random Things.

It looks like the blog just got up and running yesterday. And guess who made the list today? Moi! My rainbow chasing is listed under Today’s Best Random Things: Inspiration. Pretty random. See #22 on my list. And I like it.

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Chris said...

Here's a photo of the end of a rainbow. No pot of gold though.


RemixCulture said...

Actually the other day I was leaving the mall and outside were two rainbows that looked like one was on top of the other. To make it even better, they were the clearest ones I've ever seen. Me and my friends took some pics and ended up talking about it. A good rainbow aint that random of a thing to like ;)

Anali said...

chris - Wow!! That picture is crazy! It looks like the end is on the car! I really thought that it was Photoshopped too, but they seemed to confirm that it was real.

remixculture - Welcome! I so want to see those pictures! We're moving into "rainbow season" so maybe I'll see one soon. :D

Margie said...

Such a beautiful rainbow!


Anali said...

margie - Thank you and have a good weekend! ; )

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