25 Random Things About Me

I was tagged on Facebook to list 25 Random Things About Me. For some very random reason, I woke up early and refreshed. Maybe it's the sun and warmer weather arriving. I don't know, but it's Saturday morning.

I made myself toast, a cheddar cheese omelet, and had some orange juice and coffee to top it off. I was done eating by about 8:20 am and have been catching up on some reading.

I saw this Washington Post article about the list and decided that I might as well do my list now. Everyone else is. I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free to tag yourself if you wish.

1. I hate mornings. Except for random days like today.

2. I have double jointed elbows and can swim fairly well. The two are supposed to be related. Michael Phelps is double jointed too. That supposedly gave him a greater range of movement.

3. Unlike Michael Phelps, I've never smoked a joint.

4. I literally chase rainbows. I try to photgraph them whenever I can. When it rains and gets sunny quickly, then I'm looking for them.

5. I had a serious little girl crush on Andy Gibb.

6. I'm really good at growing plants, except for Ferns and African Violets.

7. On my mother's side, I'm the oldest granddaughter.

8. I have one sibling, a brother, who is named after the first Prime Minister and President of Kenya.

9. I have many cousins, including one who blogs.

10. Brunch is my favorite meal of the week.

11. Sometimes I crave rice pudding.

12. I'm kind of grouchy until I have coffee. See number 1.

13. I only eat poultry and seafood, no other meats. When I see pictures of beef and pork, etc., it usually makes me feel ill. I canceled a magazine subscription, because there were too many meat pictures.

14. I prefer baking to cooking.

15. Before I became an attorney, I worked as an Investigator for the organization that investigates and disbars attorneys.

16. Sometimes I randomly break out into song when the mood strikes. And I can't really sing that well.

17. I'd like to learn to play a bunch of different card games really well.

18. In middle school, me and my best friend were teased by this one girl constantly. We tried ignoring her, but the problem escalated and she started hitting us. Eventually we had to beat her up. Problem solved.

19. I love twitter!

20. When I'm driving, the only radio I listen to is WBUR. For music, I play CDs.

21. I drive a New Beetle.

22. The word "random" is one of my favorites.

23. My birthday is September 11th.

24. I think it would be really cool to exhibit my photography and bake snacks for the guests.

25. I used to believe in destiny, but now I don't know.

*Updated 2/8/09* I could add another random thing, which is that I have a habit of updating blog posts. I can't help myself. Anyway, I saw that California's Attorney General, Jerry Brown, wrote his own list of 25 Random Things. I wonder if President Obama might write one?

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So So Simple said…
Well how about that double jointed elbow. Glad you picked up the tag, Anali nice to hear all that stuff about you "randomly" selected!

Tera said…
Wow Anali, what fun and interesting facts about you!! I enjoyed the read :)
Sus said…
Thanks for the Washington Post article. I've been hedging about doing this, but I'm a little hypocritical, because I love reading other people's lists. I've also never smoked a joint. I think we're in the minority.
Anonymous said…
Loved you list, linked to it here. http://econ4u.org/blog/?p=121
dmarks said…
I've never smoked one either. I know another one of my fellow-bloggers who has not also.
Lisa Johnson said…
so simple - Glad you approve! : )

tera - It seems that this meme is some sort of cultural phenomenon, so it was fun to join in. :D

sus - You're welcome! I linked everywhere! I guess we are in the minority, but I don't think it's as small a minority as most people think.

econ4u - Welcome and thanks for the link!

dmarks - I'm sure there are many more too!

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