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I had this idea of a very grand and beautiful post signifying my wonderful and triumphant return to blogging. Well, it's not gonna happen. I'm back, but at the moment, I'm ready to take another nap. Right after this post. Tomorrow, it will be two weeks since my surgery.

The first week was kind of blurry. I was sleeping a lot from the meds and kept noticing that I was always waking up, which I guess means I was constantly falling asleep without realizing it. So much for all the comments encouraging me to blog while buzzed.

I finished reading Dirty Girls on Top last week. I loved it even more than the first one and hope that there will be a third novel. There's nothing like a good novel to take you away when you're recovering.

You might remember this post, where I found my affinity for Saint Theresa, who is the Saint of little ways. Over these past few weeks, I've really noticed some little things that meant a lot. On my last day of work, my co-worker A, gave me this wonderful book, Garden Spells, by Sarah Addison Allen. It was such a wonderful surprise. I read the book in just a few days. It was perfect! Full of food, magic, and mystery. Another novel that really took me away. Thank you A!

My surgery was at Beth Isral Deaconess Medical Center. I am so grateful that I found the doctor that I have. He is really an amazing person. And just about every person that I encountered there was absolutely wonderful also. Oh and T, your good anesthesiology vibes worked! When I met my anesthesiologist, she was really friendly and upbeat with a gorgeous smile. My parents and G were with me when I was waiting for everything to get going.

When I was wheeled into the OR, the lights were so intensely bright. I looked around and saw all these GIGANTIC metal instruments on tables off in the corner. I started to get really nervous. At least to me they looked gigantic, because I assumed they were going to use them on me. I think I made a comment about all this and someone said, "Don't worry. We'll give you something to relax ...." That's all I remember before waking up and G telling me that the surgery went great.

Although I had lots of phone calls and visitors while I was in the hospital, another little thing meant a lot. Two young guys were pushing a cart full of magazines around and asked me if I wanted something to read. I asked if they had to be returned and they said, "No, you can keep it."

I picked Food & Wine. It was an old issue from January, but I've cut out a few recipes that I plan to make when I'm up to it again. It really cheered me up to get the magazine. They are given to BIDMC patients by Volunteer Services through the Annie & Philip Berman Endowment Fund. Something small can really make a difference.

Well, I'm getting back to my old self and starting to visit blogs again. I was reading this post the other day and a picture immediately came to mind.

Karen asked "What are some of the things you own that you think are pretty iconic representations of who you are?" I immediately thought of my kitchen drawer filled with baking pans. I really miss using them. I'm ready to bake again.

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So happy to hear you're feeling like baking! You're back :)

I'm so sorry I've been away from reading blogs...I missed your birthday (happy belated!) and also the surgery news. In any event, I have been thinking of you, and hope all is going well!
T. said…
What a coincidence - you mentioned St. Therese of Lisieux on her feast day!!! So, Happy Feast of St. Therese.

And happy return to baking and blogging!
Mosilager said…
Hey, great to have you back. Hope you're recovering well.
Nance said…
I'm thinking about baking, too! We're getting a cold snap here in NE Ohio and putting the oven on sounds like a nice way to keep things toasty!

Speedy recovery! How about pumpkin muffins?
Lisa Johnson said…
michelle - Yes, I'm back! Thanks for the good thoughts! ; )

t - That really was a huge coincidence! Pretty cool though.

mosilager - Thanks! I'm doing great!

nance - Pumpkin muffins sound so good! It's been pretty chilly here too. I hate to put the heat on, but I get cold so easily. Having the oven on does help out a bit.
amisha said…
so happy that things went well and that you are back!!
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - Thank you! ; )

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