My Birthday + Some News

Chocolate Devil's Food Cupcakes photo by chotda.

My actual birthday is Thursday the 11th, but things are a bit hectic, so I'm doing my birthday post today. How old will I be? Well, Sarah Palin and I have the same number of years. I don't like her for a VP, but I do like how everyone keeps saying how young she is!

I've been in the mood for some cupcakes, so here is a cupcake slideshow from flickr. Happy Birthday to me!

As a birthday gift to myself and to all of you, I've finally organized all the recipes that I've blogged about here and on And Razzleberry Dressing. Now you can find all the recipes by category in the new Recipe Index at the top of the right sidebar and by clicking here.

Unfortunately, I also have some not so great news. My blogging may be rather spotty over the next few weeks. I'm having surgery on the 18th and will be in the hospital for several days. I'll be at home recovering for about three weeks and should hopefully be fully recovered within six weeks. Please say prayers or just send some good thoughts!

*Updated 10/8/12* Reading the follow-up posts might be of interest to you. Here they are below.

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Anonymous said…
Best wishes for a safe and successful surgery, Anali! I'm sending good vibes for a quick recovery.
By the way, I met you in person a couple of years and never ever would have guessed your age. You look a decade younger than your chronological age.
AVIANA said…
hey there!!!

happy birthday!! so sorry you will have to go to the's not serious right? hmm...not a devil's food cake girl since i don't like chocolate...

i wish you great recovery and many happy years of bloggin! :)

You will definitely be in my thoughts, Anali. I hope your recovery is as painless and quick as possible. And here's hoping your b-day is as fabulous as you are! :)
Happy Birthday! Also, good luck with your surgery. I wish you a speedy recovery.
Suldog said…

I assume you would have already divulged the nature of the operation if you wanted to do so, so I won't ask. I will tell you that prayers are going to be said for you every night until you tell us that all is well.

And, if you need anything while in hospital - I know we've never actually met, but Watertown is pretty close to most of them in this area, and MY WIFE works near government Center. We'll gladly bring you something. Just drop me a line, or give a call at home (617) 926-4640.

(By the way, the word verification for this one? HAWAII. I kid you not. That sounds like a good omen to me!)
starry said…
Happy Birthday Anali and my prayers go out to you on your surgery.
So So Simple said…

A very Happy Birthday for the 11th
Hope someone makes you cup cakes.
Good luck for a quick recovery. I bet you will not be able to keep away from the computer while you are recuperating.
So look forward to catching up with what is going on in your life.
David Sullivan said…
Good luck on your surgery and think of things sugary when eating that hospital food.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Anali!
Liz Dwyer said…
Happy birthday to you, Anali! So happy for you to be celebrating another one. I hope you enjoyed some delicious cupcakes. And I'll be wishing you well with your surgery. Don't worry about getting back to us/posting regularly. Just take care of yourself!
Cynthia said…
Happy Birthday hon! I hope that you have a blessed day and one filled with love, joy and laughter.

Prayers and positive thoughts will be done in your honour.
Biggie-Z said…
Happy Birthday and good luck with the "splurgery," as my dog calls it. Hope you recover 100%.

Tera said…

That picture reminds me that I haven't had anything sweet yet to the kitchen!
Lisa Johnson said…
nupur - Thanks for the sweet words and good wishes!

aviana - Thank you! Hopefully there won't be too big a lapse in the blogging. : )

susan - So far the day has been pretty good and I still have all the sweets to look forward to! ; )

got 2 trot librarian - Thank you!
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - You are so sweet! Thank you so much for the kind offer. And "Hawaii" sounds like a good omen to me too! ; )

starry nights - Thank you!

so simple - Thank you! I think there may be cupcakes tonight. ; ) As soon as I can sit up for any period of time comfortably, I'll probably try and do a post.

david sullivan - LOL! Maybe I'll have to take notes, so I can do a review of the hospital food.

chris - Thank you!
Lisa Johnson said…
los angelista - I'm hoping for cupcakes tonight! And I'll definitely be focused on resting and getting well as soon as possible.

cynthia - Thank you so much and I appreciate the good thoughts!

biggie-z - LOL! Thank you LawyerChick!

tera - Thank you! And I hope you found a good dessert. ; )
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

And I will pray for you. I wish a speedy recovery.
karmic said…
Happy Birthday my friend and best wishes for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Be pulling for ya!
Nance said…
well, shoot! my comment didn't show up. sigh. here's hoping you had a great birthday, that you have an uneventful surgery, and a speedy recovery with plenty of cupcakes along the way.
CapCity said…
Belated Happy B'earthDAY! Keeping u in prayer as you head into surgery.

It's been a long time since I've been "by" but u know you're often in my thoughts - 'specially when i think of good food - which is often;-).
Anonymous said…
I wish you the best, and a quick recovery. I know as I recovered from many surgeries these last two years, at times my computer was my sanity. Really that is why I started blogging. I realize this isn't the case for everyone. I do hope things go well though!
Lisa Johnson said…
moody gemini - Thank you, thank you! :D

sanjay - I appreciate your concern and always your comments!

nance - Hey, wouldn't it be cool if they gave me a cupcake with my first meal after surgery? Probably won't happen, but it would be fun. My birthday was nice and I did have cupcakes too!

capcity - Hello stranger! Good to see you round here again! Thanks for the prayers.

twenty four at heart - Welcome! Thank you for stopping by and for wishing me well. I just read your most recent post this morning. That was hilarious!! ; )
gelci72 said…
I am soooooooooooooo late...

But BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And I'll be sending you those good telepathic anesthesia vibes for your surgery...
amisha said…
lisa, i am thinking about you and wishing you all the best for a quick recovery from your surgery. big hugs to you + hope that you get some good baked goods to help you through!!
and happy belated birthday!!
Lisa Johnson said…
t - I like the late birthday wishes, because they extend the day to a whole birthday month!
And I especially appreciate the good anesthesia vibes!

amisha - Thank you! I'm so ready to just have it over and done with.
Anonymous said…
Happy belated Birthday Anali!

Wishing you a quick recovery. Take good care of yourself.
Lisa Johnson said…
zen chef - Thank you! Your jam will help me along the way. : )
Mosilager said…
Happy Birthday... sorry was late to the party even after you told me :) now where's the silly photo of yourself ?

Good luck with the surgery... does this mean that you'll have lots of time to think up awesome blog posts ?
Anonymous said…
Sory I missed your birthday, Anali! Blessings for you in your new year.

Additional prayers and blessings for a successful surgery and in your recovery.

I'll put you in our prayer chain.

Happy birthday, Anali! And happy cupcakes too!
Anonymous said…
Happy belated birthday! :)
Lisa Johnson said…
mosilager - I'm sure I'll find a way to post another silly photo of myself within the year! ; )

gunfighter1 - Thank you for the prayers. They are working!

susan - Thank you! I had another cupcake yesterday too.

hannah - Thank you! :D

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