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This time I'm ready. When I left work last night, I saw these film signs. They'll be filming near my office on Saturday, so I won't be driving in. Remember this post from last fall? They were filming for the Pink Panther and I was caught off guard. I have no idea what movie is filming, but I'll bring my camera.

I'm also really excited about Sex and the City opening today. If my plans go well, I'll be seeing it on Sunday with some friends. By then all the craziness should have died down a little. I can't wait to see it!

I think that my thoughts about movies filming near me and being so excited about seeing Sex and the City, that my subconscious went into overload. I had a really weird dream last night. I dreamt that somehow I knew Jasmine Guy and we were sitting and talking. She said that there was going to be a two-hour reunion television special on next Thursday for A Different World. They had all the original cast; plus there were going to be a bunch of other celebrity appearances.

I told her that I loved A Different World, but that I hadn't even heard about the reunion special. In my head I was thinking that it shouldn't be a television show, but that it should be a movie. I told her that the network did a horrible job promoting the special, because nobody knew about it. She said that she was very disappointed. I asked her if I could interview her for my blog and she could get the word out. She agreed and I started thinking of questions to ask her.

Funny! How outrageous was I? Anyway, I have heard that the Season 1 is out on DVD now. And this would actually make a great movie...

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FH said…
I do remember that about filming on the streets while you walk to work. They are at it again? :)
Will not be going to watch "S&C". Except the "youngest" of 4, others give me nightmares!! Hahaha!!
Enjoy the movie and the weekend.It's going to be HOT here this weekend, 88F! :)
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - I looked yesterday,but didn't see much happening. I saw some trucks unloading, but not an actual movie set. I might have missed it. Enjoy the warmth and have a good weekend. ; )
dmarks said…
I love Jasmine Guy and liked "Different World". I blogged a little about her a while back. I wish I had had this dream.
Lisa Johnson said…
dmarks - If you had this dream, it might have gone in another direction. ; )
amisha said…
a new scarlett johanssen movie is filming down by the courthouse... we were all hoping to catch a glimpse but no such luck for me yet!
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - Good luck with the star sighting. I just read that Scarlett's fiancee is Alanis Morisette's ex-fiancee and that the end of their relationship fueled her new album. I know that was very random wasn't it? : )

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