Shameless Self-Promotion

Yes, I'm at it again! At the end of last year, I mentioned here that I set up a Zazzle Shop and was selling a calendar with some of my photographs.

Now I've added note cards to my Zazzle Shop collection. Some of the note cards include photos of the Wollaston Theatre, Marina Bay, a flower shop, muffins, the gas tank, these antique cars, this beautiful tree, and many more.

If you're ever looking to buy some different note cards, I hope you check them out and maybe spread the word. These are all blank, so you can write your own greeting for any occasion. There's nothing like receiving a nice card in the mail. So spread the love!

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Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

Nice photo work; I love the lilies! Sort of shocked you do not have anything up on the Devan – O’Bama controversy hitting the airwaves today. Can we say copy cat, or mere coincidence? Well, it should not be an issue, but certain types are spinning it up as such. With that, I do prefer originality, myself.

Happy Sipping!


PS…the gallery at the bottom of your page takes a long time to load…hangs the computer…is the server having troubles?
AVIANA said…
i'm proud of your thing....

Ooh how fun! Gorgeous stuff too :)
FH said…
Hey, whatever makes you happy! They are very nice looking too!:)
Suldog said…

Those very docks that you show on the Marina Bay postcard were the same ones I walked at night when I was a security guard there. It gives me a slight chill just to see the picture. As you might imagine, it was quiet, lonely, and slightly scary being out there all alone - even for a big macho man like me :-)
Tera said…
Simply magnificent!
Lisa Johnson said…
dezel - Thanks! Most of the times that I've looked at the gallery it seemed okay, so I'll just leave it for now, but there's not much I can do to make it load any faster.

I remember Patrick's speeches, so it was kind of clear early on that Obama did speak in a very similar way, but they are classic phrases that have been said before and he used them with Patrick's blessing. They are friends. I didn't do a post about it, because to me it's a non-issue. It just showed Clinton's increasing desperation.

aviana - Thanks!

bleeding espresso - It was fun putting it together. : )

asha - Thanks!

suldog - I guess at night it would be kind of scary, but I felt so relaxed there during the day. It was really nice just walking around.

tera - Thank you!
Liz Dwyer said…
Love the entrepreneurship, especially since your cards are actually pretty! Congrats on getting this going!
CapCity said…
HEYYY! how come I'd never seen this shameless promotion before? U know I'm ALL into that NOW, Anali! LOL! *psst - can i get a deal if i help promote 'cha?;-).

Thanx again for leaving a voice message on my blog! SO good to HEAR ya!
Lisa Johnson said…
los angelista - Thank you!

capcity - I'd give you a deal if I could, but it's all through Zazzle, so I can't offer anything special to anyone. Zazzle does have an Associate program though where you can promote people and I think get something like 7% of the proceeds, but you have to go through them. You can read about it on the website.

It was nice hearing you too! ; )

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