Monday, June 11, 2007

Cupcake Follow-Up - A Mysterious Email

Remember my old post here about free cupcakes? Well, I have some more news for you. I received an email a couple of days ago stating the following. It was edited for clarity.

"I wanted to let you know that Beantown Cupcakes will be opening June 12th, and we will accept deliveries at that time. You can check with the website after this Monday @ They have decided to open the bakery in Winthrop, MA, but will be providing delivery services, too."

There wasn't a name on the email, so I'm not sure exactly who sent it or if there is any relationship to the company, but I figured I'd pass the information along.

And for the record, I did participate in their free cupcake promotion. I received some and shared them with my co-workers. I didn't mention my blog when I ordered them, so I don't know that they expected any free publicity here, but given the email I don't know. Anyway, I think it was a pretty cool promotion and my co-workers and I really enjoyed the cupcakes. They were absolutely gorgeous and quite tasty. One thing is that when you order their cupcakes, they will probably be cold from the refrigeration. They really need to warm up to room temperature to taste their best.

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Dewey said...

It drives me nuts when my husband puts cake or brownies or whatever into the fridge! Ruins them! So I see your point about letting the cupcakes warm up. I wish I had some free cupcakes! Or even not free. Too bad they don't deliver nationwide.

Mizrepresent said...

I'm with you...i like my cake warm or room temp...Hi Anali!

Asha said...

Hi Anali.I remember that about free cupcakes.Wish I could get some too.Even most cakes taste better at room temp. too:)

KAYLEE said...


Raghu Ram Prasad said...

i LOVE CUP CAKES at room temperature....... yes its nice experience..

Suldog said...

Beantown Cupcakes did some donation of their baked goods to a charity I support, a while back, and from all reports, they were tremendously delicious. Good people.

Sai said...

I love my cake at room temperature. I also hate it when people freeze bagels....aargh!!!!

Nina said...

I actually like cold cakes. I guess I'm the oddball here.

Anali said...

dewey - They actually do deliver nationwide!

mizrepresent - Hi! : ) I actually do like my cakes cold in general, but these particular cupcakes do not taste as good cold.

asha - You actually could get some, but not for free unfortunately. : (

kaylee - Wow! I had no idea that people felt so strongly about the temperature!

raghu ram prasad - Welcome! I love cupcakes period! ; )

suldog - That's great! They are definitely generating some good karma. I thought their free promotion was really generous, even if they also wanted publicity.

sai - I actually like cold cake!

nina - I like cold cakes too! It's just that some of my co-workers had the cupcakes cold and thought they weren't very good at first. After they warmed up, people tried more and were wowed by the difference in taste. Then they loved them!

Tera said...

Free cupcakes...yum!!!!

Lisa Francisco aka AVIANA said...

You and cupcakes..funny :)

i'm some good news! will post tomorrow! :)

Perspective Inc said...

Oooh, I could use some cup

Dezel said...

Now Dezel is surprised that there were no visuals of those cup-cakes.

Hmmmm...they must have went fast (lol)

Happy Sipping!


Anali said...

tera - Yes they were! ; )

lisa francisco aka aviana - I'll be looking for your post!

perspective inc - Welcome! I could use another one too! ; )

dezel - I was going to take pictures, but decided not to at work. They were real beauties!

femmme said...

only camb? Whats up w/that?

Anali said...

femmme - Welcome! I guess they wanted to share some cupcake love across the river! They keep having these special promotions though, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are some more free ones in Boston soon!

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