Free Cupcakes In Boston! Seriously!

I know it's April Fool's Day, but this is no joke. Would I kid you? Okay, if you've ever met me, then you know that I would. But I don't play when it comes to baked goods. I love sweets! Especially when there's frosting.

Beantown Cupcakes is coming to town! I'm not sure where they will be located or when they will be opening, but according to their website, they will be passing out free cupcakes all over Boston in the next few months. I cannot wait! Oh please send a cupcake my way!

So be on the lookout as you stroll around Boston this Spring! A free cupcake just might be in your future!


karrie said…
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

I thought you were joshing to, but I visited the web site and sure enough – and for a month! Guess you better get the Beetle ready to visit a few destinations for some tasty cupcakes. I was looking for some tempting pictures on their site but did not find any. I look forward to seeing and hearing about the delicious cupcakes when you make your rounds.

Happy Sipping!

Anonymous said…
Damn, we don't get free cupcakes in Chicago?
suttonhoo said…
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm -- cupcakes.
AVIANA said…
save one for me!
I understand what you say about being nice online anf off.
But how nice would you be babe, if someone else got the last free cup cake?
amisha said…
ooh, cupcakes. i'm recalling as i read this that there was some talk on my part about this being the 'year of the cupcake'... but it's been a long time.... i need to get baking :)
karmic said…
Wish I lived closer to Boston! :)
Asha said…
Toss me one of those Anali!!Suffering from Hay faver here,can't open my eyes very well but I will catch it!;D
Suldog said…
Oh, man, I'm going to have to get downtown someday now. Cupcakes! Yum!
I never heard of beantown cupcakes... I can't wait to try one=:)
Tsiporah said…
Dang...I don't like you anymore. Here I am trying to be good on my three day detox diet, and you have to bring up cupcakes...Humph!! :-)
che said…
free cupcake ? nice. i hope members of the boston celtics are not entitled to free cupcakes !
Keshi said…
Can u fedex me some?

Anonymous said…
I could use some too... :)
Lisa Johnson said…
karrie - And delicious!!

dezel - I can't wait to find out where they will be!

dj black adam - Maybe they're giving them out alphabetically and you're next!! : )

suttonhoo - I agree! Yum!

lisa francisco - Sure thing!

something from me- Good to see you back! Oooooh! I might not be too nice if someone got the last one before me! I'd have to do a blog rant about it!

amisha - I'll be looking for your cupcake post! ; )

sanjay - I think they deliver!
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - Here catch! I hope you're feeling better soon! Allergies are no fun.

suldog - Isn't this fun? I can't wait! : )

the lone beader - Hopefully they will be here really soon!

tsiporah - Oooops I did it again! I'm causing all sorts of problems here! : )

che - Hmmmm. That would be a very interesting cupcake rule.

keshi - Yup! First thing!

perspective inc - Welcome! Well, I'll have to save one special for you too!
Anonymous said…
I have the good news on the Beantown Cupcakes. Starting today, the first 100 people with a Boston or Cambridge (Massachusetts)address will receive a free delivery of free cupcakes. Please write to info@beantowncupcakes.comLeave your name, address and a phone number where you can be reached so the delivery can be scheduled. I saw this on Craigslist this AM, but it appears to be gone! Can't wait!
Lisa Johnson said…
debbie - Welcome! And thanks for the info. I just read that they have amended their offer to limit their free offer to a 1/2 dozen cupcakes.

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