World Peace Cookies - Part 2

I can't stop making these cookies. In my first post about them here, there are links to the recipe and other bloggers who also were making these cookies. These must be the most blogged about and baked cookies in the blogosphere.

Since my first post, I've made a few more changes to the recipe. They are still the impatient version. I don't refrigerate them, although I did once, but don't really feel it's necessary for the taste or texture of the cookie. It's more for the look. This recipe is very similar to a traditional chocolate-chip cookie recipe, but with cocoa powder so it is double chocolate.

When I made the cookies before, they were gifts for other people and I was shipping them. The cookies in their original form were very crumbly and fell apart quite easily. Not the best thing for cookies that are on the move! I was hoping the refrigeration would fix that, but it didn't. The cookies needed more moisture. There was already a lot of butter in these cookies, but no eggs, so I reduced the butter to only 1 stick and added an egg. Perfection! They are no longer crumbly and travel well. Even though I used regular sized chocolate-chips this time, the mini ones are better for the recipe, so I'll have to keep them in the house on a regular basis.

The cookies in the picture here are for my Aunt's birthday. I'm sending them out today if I can get to the post office. I made some last week for more birthdays - a friend's and another Aunt's birthday. I unwittingly caused her to break her Fast for Lent. I'm not sure if I said that correctly, but she had given up chocolate and I didn't know! My mom said that she saw them and couldn't resist. She also said that World Peace Cookies might not be the right name, because if anyone came between her and these cookies, it wouldn't be peaceful. World Peace Cookies strike again!


AVIANA said…
Cookies are some of the most amazing things on this earth! I definitely know I wouldn't like these ones cuz i don't like dark chocolate. I only like white chocolate. I know, I know it's not really chocolate.. Well that's why I like chocolate taste. :) random
Nance said…
your diction, re: break her fast, was right on, anali. and as far as a double chocolate cookie--mmmmm. i'm not one for denying myself at any time, as I think i said in your original post.
Lisa Johnson said…
lisa francisco - I like white chocolate too, but dark chocolate is my favorite!

nance - Oh good! I agree. Double the chocolate is double the fun!
Dan said…
They are still the impatient version.

That's the version I need! :)

This is very cool. In fact, if eating these could bring world peace I'd gladly eat all of them. Come to think of it, I'd gladly eat all of them regardless. :)
FH said…
It's all in the name,right?

Who could say no to World Peace cookies??!!:D

Have a fun weekend Anali:)
Suldog said…
I love your Mom's quote! I feel the same way about almost ANY cookies!

(I'm also fasting from flour and dairy for Lent, so I haven't had a cookie in... far too long. I think the first thing I'm doing Easter morning is breaking into some Girl Scout cookies I've had in the freezer for a couple of weeks now.)

(I can't believe I've had enough willpower to stay away from this for this long...)
KAYLEE said…
MMMMM those look good!!
Lisa Johnson said…
dan - I'm detecting that you have quite a sweet tooth! ; )

asha - I guess World Peace is pretty inviting isn't it? You have a great weekend too! : )

suldog - I really wanted some Girl Scout Cookies. I saw some once a few weeks ago and didn't have my wallet with me. I guess it wasn't meant to be this year. I'm sure you're going to enjoy yours Easter morning along with chocolate too I suspect!!

kaylee - Thank you! I snatched a few and they were tasty.

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