World Peace Cookies - The Impatient Version

I see cookies on a blog. I drool over them and try to keep myself from baking them. I see the same cookies on another blog, lose all will-power and bake them. This post is a result of said loss of all will-power.

I was visiting the blog Smitten Kitchen, where I saw some beautiful pictures and a recipe for chocolate cookies. These were some of the prettiest little cookies I had ever seen, but the feeling passed and I forgot about them. Then yesterday, I was visiting Foodbeam and I saw the same cookies! There was something in the Universe pointing me towards these cookies! Could it be a coincidence? Absolutely not!

So tonight, I went with the flow and baked these little beauties. Because it's me, you know I had to make some changes. I actually did have most of the ingredients. I had some fine sea salt and light brown sugar, which I thought I was out of. I did not have mini-chocolate chips though, so I used the regular size.

My major changes had to do with time. Sometimes you want chocolate and you want it right now, if not five minutes ago. I read the recipe and realized that I certainly did not intend to wait around for the cookie dough's three hours refrigeration time. No way! Could these still work without refrigeration? I divided the dough in half as called for and refrigerated one half. The other half I cut up and baked toute de suite!

The total preparation and baking time was about 22 minutes. These cookies are awesome! The refrigeration is not needed. The dough is easy enough to work with as is. I have the feeling that the refrigerated cookies will look more like the cookies in the other pictures. But when it comes down to it, that doesn't really matter that much. If you want to make some really good cookies fast, these will work.


wheresmymind said… cookays!
karmic said…
Mmm.. world peace cookies on MLK day how apt.
Now when do we get to come over to have some?
Asha said…
World Peace cookies!! I likey!!Yum!:))
Peter N said…
Anali, thank you for your holiday MLK2 wishes. I complimented you yet again on your first name ( I HAVE to!) on my blog's comment page. I'll have to stop that, I guess. I hope you're well on this first day of another convoluted shortie week. Warm for out later, because we are in the same spot of our beautiful but frozen country, New England, and 35 degrees right now at 9am will turn into highs in the 20s tomorrow. The cold weather upper-air system is finally kicking in, but there are no chances in the next 6 days or so for that huge dump of snow that I am waiting for. Again, thanks.....I am fascinated by you, in such a good way..... Peter N.
Lisa Johnson said…
wheresmymind - I knew you would like these!

sanjay - I thought that it was an extremely appropriate day!! Especially the impatience part. Dr. King knew that we had waited long enough. And I think he would have approved of the cookies!

You just stop by whenever you like! There are still cookies left to bake!

asha - I likey too! : )
Lisa Johnson said…
peter n - You're welcome and thank you! I hear it's going to get super cold in the next day or so, because of the wind chill factor. I'm breaking out my new hat today! Have a great day!
Peter N said…
You too!!!!!
Peter N said…
And P.S....your calender hammock looks so inviting..we had one just like it when we lived on St. Croix USVI, until Hurricane Hugo blew our house down in '89. I still miss it so very much. Thanks for reading!
amisha said…
ohhh... these look delicious! i often find myself needing chocolate immediately, so good to know that these are fast :)
Unknown said…
The cookies look so delicious.I find myself wanting to bake some too.
Lotus Reads said…
How I wish I lived closer, Anali, you always bake such yummy goodies! It's been ages since I've baked any cookies - perhaps I'll give these a try (it's my daughter's birthday today she will be pleasantly surprised!)
Margie said…
World peace cookies...wonderful!
The look so good, Anali!
I have to bake some cookies!

karrie said…
Oh those sound terrific!

If you like sweets with sea salt, Trader Joes now has truly evil fleur de sel caramels.
Sai said…
THese look Yummy! You are very talented!
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

Looks yummy, bet you I can find you a nice wine to pair with those!

Have a great day : )

Lisa Johnson said…
peter - I love that hammock too! I've always wanted one. Maybe some day...

amisha - LOL! I thought three hours waiting time was pretty cruel and knew that others had to feel the same way!

lalitha - I've been reading the comments on both of the blogs that I mentioned here and this cookie recipe is sweeping the globe! People everywhere are baking these! I've never seen anything like it. It's some sort of chocolate phenomenon!

lotus reads - Me too! We could have a really fun visit! Have some fun snacks and talk about some cool books! I hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday! How old is she? Did you surprise her with cookies? : )

samuru999 - I hope you try them! Oh, there is one thing about these cookies. They break very easily, even the refrigerated ones. They are still amazingly good, but I can see adapting the recipe just a bit the next time I make them. And there will be many next times!

karrie - I love sweet and salty together! I'll have to grab some of those caramels. I'm not a big candy person, but I can try some and then share the rest.

sai - Thank you! I have such a wicked sweet tooth!

dezel - Do tell! And thanks for the pens and the button! I just got them yesterday.
Nance said…
anali--NO ONE should EVER have to wait for chocolate.

(Isn't that a rule?)
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - It should be a rule!
Enyasi said…
Yummy!!!! Glad to find a kindred spirit who knows the when it comes to chocolate, cooking times are really just guidelines. In a pinch cookie dough raw is completely appropriate. :-)
Lisa Johnson said…
enyasi - Oh, believe me, cookie dough was eaten! : )

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