Looking For Lentils

Did you know that there could be a run on lentils? And the price of food in Indian restaurants may start to rise. I just read an article stating that India has banned the export of lentils until March 2007.

After reading this article, I was curious to see if there were any lentils on the shelves of my local Super Stop & Shop. There were some, but I only saw the store brand and this shelf looked a little bare. I wonder if the ban will actually last until March? That is a long time. I don't normally use lentils in my cooking, but I love Indian food, so I hope that there will be some other way to get lentils. I guess time will tell...


Margie said…
That would be a long time for a ban on lentils to last.
Hope it will not last that long though.

I do use lentils some, and would hate not to be able to get them.
My husband and I have a favorite
Indian restaurant we eat at here... so, I guess the ban would
affect the prices on the menu.

You mentioned Stop&Shop... I used to always shop there when I lived in Boston.
Take care!
So So Simple said…
Indian Food is the bomb!!!

We love it too. I don't cook it very often as the restaurants do such a good job of it.
Had a great meal at Devi on New York on our visit there in April.
Worth a trip when you next visit the Big Apple.

Do you ever eat Puy Lentils?…these are superb little French numbers a bit more expensive than the more common varieties.
Worth a shot.

Anonymous said…
What a bizarre ban! I'd hate to see the price of Indian food rise considering it's not the cheapest thing in the world as it is. It's definitely something I eat at least once a month if not more. Thanks for letting us know.

*hoards her lentils*
wheresmymind said…
I don't eat Lentils often...but now that we are running out, I want some!!
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

I love Indian food as well and have a favorite place I might get to about once a month. They are already a tad pricey but lucky for me I always have an entertainment book coupon on hand so usually save about $14 off the total price (yeah, I admit I love coupons..lol).

Now you have me thinking about gumbo and Indian food, all of which a nice Riesling would pair well with.

Happy Sipping!

Lisa Johnson said…
samuru999 - I guess if prices start to get too high or if lentils are too scarce, importers will have to look to different countries. When I went into S&S, I just wanted to get a quick picture and run, but there were two people lingering in front of the lentils, so I had to wait! : )

so simple - I've never bought Puy Lentils. Actually I didn't really even think about different varieties of lentils. I'll have to notice next time. Something to ponder...

miss diana - Thanks for stopping by and you're quite welcome for the news!

I'm not sure how it happened, but this post was picked up by Universal Hub, which lists local bloggers. There are a few comments and someone has dug for more information. http://www.universalhub.com/node/5596#comment

wheresmymind - LOL! I was actually considering buying a few packages, just in case. But then I figured it was just panic mode setting in, so I just left the lentils alone. : )

dezel - LOL! Oh believe me; I love coupons! You have no idea! And I love Riesling too, so I think I could pair it with just about anything, except maybe soup. Oh, I just remembered - lentil soup!!
Jeseem said…
hmm, i should start a lentil smuggling gang. and if i get caught, i always hav a lentil -loving lawyer to help me.
ofcourse will pay lawyer fees only in lentins :)
starry said…
I read that too, and proceeded to the indian grocery store, the shelves looked bare and on some packages of kala chana the price was changed from 3.99 to 4.99.how about that.later on even if we get lentils I think we are going to have to pay a lot more.
Lisa Johnson said…
jeseem - LOL! And I can use those lentils to pay my student loans right?

starry nights - A dollar increase is pretty big. And it is only September! What's going to happen in January?
Alex said…
I feel its because of the hoarding taking place by the whole salers and retailers. The middle men between the producers and consumers are to blame.

This results in an increase in prices.

Lisa Johnson said…
alex - Welcome! So nice to have an economic anthropologist join in the conversation and provide this perspective. I didn't even think about the middle man. That does make sense. We the consumers will never know how much product they actually have in their posession, so we continue to pay the higher prices. Maybe it's similar to what happens with the price of gas.

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