Forget "Snakes On A Plane"

Think "Opossum On A Porch." Well, I don't quite have a porch, but there is a front staircase and I like the alliteration. Also, the opossum that I saw was not growling at me like the one in this Wikipedia picture, but I was still freaked out.

Last night, I had a very exciting night doing laundry. Outside of my house, there are two big bushes, one on each side of the stairs. There are a bunch of trees in the back and I guess some little creatures find it quite habitable.

As I was leaving my house, I looked down and saw a little pig snout face looking up at me. I quickly looked away, so it wouldn't think I was trying to confront it and attack me. I had this happen to me some years ago in a parking garage with a raccoon. It didn't attack me, but I saw it and we kind of locked eyes and I thought it was going to kill me, so I kind of looked away while backing up slowly.

Anyway, I hurried to my car and hoped it wouldn't follow. When I backed my car out of the driveway, I aimed my headlights at the stairs and hoped the light would frighten it. It did not. It continued sitting on the side of the stairs! Luckily it was gone when I came back. Geesh!


Nance said…
Time to get a BB gun! I highly recommend them. Entertainment and repellent, all in one! It doesn't kill anything, just stings the little buggers and lets them know that your place is just that--YOURS!
jac said…
Don't use that BB Gun
plz ! It is harmless, leave it to me.

I have one, I need a pair. Is that male or female .LOL
Mosilager said…
well one of my friends described an animal hanging around his path to his apartment... black with a white stripe on its back. Luckily he left it well alone and steered a wide path around it without knowing it was a skunk. would take oppossums around the house any day than skunks.
Kuan Gung said…
They are weird looking all right...however, only aggressive if trapped...they don't eat!
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - No guns for me, not even BB guns. Too scary!

jac - You can have the little critter! Luckily he did not make another appearance when I came home this evening.

mosilager - I am so glad it wasn't a skunk! That would have been truly horrible.

kuan gung - They are so bizarre looking! Well, I'm certainly not going to trap it, so I guess I should be okay. : )
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

You could leave out a bowl of cheap wine for the little rascal and hopefully he will get to drunk to remember his way back (lol).

Seriously, I hope it never shows up again. Have a good day.

Happy Sipping!

Lisa Johnson said…
dezel - LOL! It might upset the ASPCA for animal intoxication. Also, what if cheap wine ends up being a favorite? It might never leave!!
Abeni said…
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jac said…
catch it for me next time, insert Just a small piece of butter on each eye... it is ASPCA approved.

With total blindness and helplessness , it will dance to your tune.

If you don't have a maid, you can even use it as one.
Lisa Johnson said…
abeni - You're quite welome and thank you for the info! I'll check it out!

jac - I'm sure that will work out really well for me, especially the butter on the eye! OMG! LOL!
wheresmymind said…
I think you need a Red Rider BB Gun as well as wine...the possibilities of fun seem endless in that combo!! :D
starry said…
The Opossum got tired of waiting but I think will return again. I think he needs to be entertained or has an eye on you. I have opossums in my backyard and sometimes I hear them fighting.
Thomas said…
I hate possums. I wish we could do something to make them extinct.
Lisa Johnson said…
wheresmymind - It seems the BB gun solution is gaining momentum. This has the makings of news story where things go terribly wrong, especially if I drank some of the wine too. "Liquored up lawyer arrested after trying to shoot opossum and hitting passerby." Can you imagine??!!

starry nights - They fight??!!

thomas - I don't have anything against opossums in general. I just don't want to see it again. Ever!!!

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