Broiled Grapefruit

Sometimes simple is best. Since there was a sale, I bought a few grapefruit recently and they have been sitting around bored and lonely in the fridge. I turned some ideas around in my head for something new, but nothing stuck.

Then I saw a recipe on Simply Recipes for broiled grapefruit. Couldn't be much more simple than that.

Just sprinkle some brown sugar on top of the halved grapefruit. My twist on the recipe is the addition of a couple of shakes of cardamom. I put it on everything I can! Then broil for about five minutes.

This was really good and I wish that I had been eating it all winter. But better late than never. And actually this is a nice way to ease from winter to spring. As it gets warmer, I like a nice cold grapefruit. But for now, a little extra warmth will do.

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