RIP Punch Buggy

Farewell little buddy. We had plenty of good times together. But times change. I've moved on.

I loved my VW Beetle sooooo much. Maybe too much. Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted a Beetle. I was so over the moon happy when I got it and loved driving it! It was really fun. I don't regret buying it. But much of the decision was based on emotion.

Over the last few years, the Bug stopped loving me back. I sank way too much money into fixing it and had not had reliable transportation for months. The last repair was ridiculous and fixed nothing except for the ever increasing notion that it was time to cut my losses while I still could.

I watched another blogger's love affair with her Beetle end and thought that my car deserved a similar tribute. Maybe I just need the closure. Bye-bye Beetle.

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Awww, sorry you have to let it go, but it does sound like it's time. It does look adorable in the snow though. But I'm sure your next car will have its own merit and find its own place in your heart!

Lisa Johnson said…
gfe - Thanks Shirley! : )

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