Janelle Monáe On Sesame Street

So sweet! Watch this preview of Janelle Monáe on Sesame Street as she talks about the power of YET.

It is a powerful word. Never give up! It just hasn't happened yet.

{Via For Harriett}

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dmarks said…
I got a weird spam saying what a great job I was doing running your blog, Anali. I guess there are two good things about it: it hopefully meant you didn't get the spam, and reminded me to visit your blog which I hadn't done in a while.

I see the first item is about food trucks, but I could not comment. Are food trucks controversial around there?
Lisa Johnson said…
dmarks - Well that's disturbing. My blog email was hacked about a month ago or so. Was it from then? Hopefully nothing more recent than that. Not sure what you mean the first item is about food trucks. If it was an old post, you should still be able to comment; it just wouldn't publish until I reviewed it. There was/is some controversy about food trucks here. Some restaurant owners are not too happy with the food trucks.
dmarks said…
Don't be too worried: I think it was a poorly written automatic spammer thing that somehow got the idea that I RAN your blog, just from me making comments a few times here and there.

And the email came from the spammer's business, not yours. If they had hacked your address, it would have looked like it came from you. I can pass along the email if you like.


Yeah, we have the food truck controversy here too. Restaurants hate them because they want to use the law to ban competition. One situation got around it: a restaurant itself was open-minded and allows food trucks to gather on its private downtown parking lot, where it is a lot harder for government to ban them.
Lisa Johnson said…
dmarks - So odd. You don't need to send it. It would probably just upset me anyway.

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