Hashcapade: Beacon Hill Bistro in Boston

hash•ca•pade n. 1. The art of the perfect hash adventure at a restaurant or in your own kitchen. 2. A twitter hashtag, e.g. #hashcapade, used to indicate a hashcapade. 3. Delicious.
In December, I was invited by cookbook author and hash enthusiast Clark Haass to embark on my own hash adventure as part of his 50 City Hashcapades.  It sounded really fun and I would get to represent the city of Boston. What's not to love?

Researching restaurants took a bit of time. I decided on Beacon Hill Bistro and recently went on my hash adventure. If you'd like to read about it, head over to the Hashcapade website and take a look!

* * *
Disclosure: I received a World Hash Domination Kit as part of my Hashcapade. Thank you Clark!

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