Happy New Year!

Welcome 2014! Usually I don't do full-year roundups looking back, but it's a new year and I saw this 2013 recap that I really liked. Why not start the year off differently?

There were definitely some difficult times in 2013. But, I'm curious to look back and see the big picture. I know there was a lot of good too!

One random thing. I started wearing nail polish again. I always do pedicures in the summer, but I've been doing manicures too. Just bought this one and like this starry silver glitter too. So fun! It reminds me of fairy dust!

Maybe I'm getting more whimsical in response to major life stressI sure could use some magical fair dust right about now. Anyway, let's look back at the highlights of the year!

JANUARY marked the beginning of my obsession with single serving desserts and my Desserts With Borders series. I made donuts for the first time, which were of course single serving! Also, I started cooking spiced apples. It's one of my favorite things to make now. I've used pears too. Even better actually!

Also, I braved the severe cold and left my cozy space for a night out to see an incredible show at ArtsEmerson with Daniel Beaty and Maurice Hines. It was great!

FEBRUARY was the sad realization that Whole Living Magazine stopped publishing. Many other people besides me were seeking information and were happy to find answers to their questions here.

The other shoe finally dropped when it came to the weather. We got socked by Nemo! I got serious about keeping track of my exercise and designed a Workout Tips Jar. I still haven't done the full 100 workouts, but completed 60 workouts and lost 11 pounds!

While having absolutely nothing to do with my losing weight, I went to a food blogger event for Bruegger's Bagels 30th Anniversary and saw how bagels are made. That was really fun!

MARCH brought warmer weather and I headed outdoors to the new track in Quincy. Also, I discovered one of my now favorite breakfasts to make and eat!

APRIL was bittersweet living in the Boston area. The Marathon bombing rocked me to my core. It was a very scary time here.

I made labneh for the first time and this blog turned 7

In MAY, I reached my $500.00 fundraising goal for All Aboard The Arc! In JUNE, I did my annual update listing all the free yoga classes in Boston. There were even more of them last year and I wouldn't be surprised if there were even more this year.

My mom and I spent some quality time in JULY. We enjoyed seafood by Wollaston Beach at Tony's Clam Shop and did the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

Also, I wrote about a food blogger lunch that I attended for King's Hawaiian at Catalyst Restaurant in Cambridge. It was one of the best blogger events that I've ever attended. The food was great. The location. The people. Everything!

In AUGUST, I went on a Smell Walk in Boston with Kate Mclean who makes sensory maps of places all over the world. We "met" on Twitter, then in real life.

It was so much fun! This blog sure has brought me on many adventures! I learned that Boston smells like many things.

Photo of Kate McLean by Karen Zgoda
I enjoyed the simple beauty of Boston too. Sometimes it takes a tragic wake-up call to fully appreciate all that's around you. The Christian Science Building glows in the summer sunlight.

My birthday month is SEPTEMBER and I wrote a guest blog post for the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism. In OCTOBER, PR Newswire wrote about my blog.

In NOVEMBER, I wrote about my blogging over at LegalZoom and was a featured blogger on City Gusto's website. I did a Q & A with Jonathan Pontell about my forgotten generation, Generation Jones and participated in the Online Auction For The Philippines.

I met Edi and we had a great dinner at Parker's Restaurant in Boston with their signature dessert, Boston Cream Pie.

DECEMBER brought me to a press event at Blue Ginger restaurant where I met Ming Tsai and enjoyed some wonderful food and learned about his trip to Japan for his show Simply Ming.

That was 2013. So long and farewell!

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El said…
Wow. That's quite a year. Here's to 2014. May it be happy, healthy and bright!
Lisa Johnson said…
el - Happy 2014 to you too!
Can-Can said…
Thanks for sharing such an inspiring recap. You are such an active and enthusiastic person even when dealing with serious topics. I am glad to have found your blog.
Lisa Johnson said…
cc - I don't know how I missed your comment before. I always appreciate your comments and am so glad that we both found each other's blogs! : )

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