The Greenway Carousel

The Greenway is becoming one of my favorite places in Boston. Years ago when the Big Dig was still being planned, I had great doubts that all the talk of the beautiful parks would ever materialize.

I'm glad that I was wrong, because this space is so centrally located and beautiful, that it amazes me each time I walk around. When I was at the labyrinth on the Greenway, I looked across the street and saw the new carousel. The picture above is helping me chip away at life list #92.

It just opened on August 31st and is quite a draw for families and kids. When I walked around, there were a lot of people using it. This area feels so alive! For a price, you can even have a kids birthday party here.

The characters that you can ride on the carousel were imagined and drawn by the children of Boston. They were then brought to life by sculptor Jeff Briggs of Newburyport, Massachusetts.

It seems like every month, there's something new on the Greenway and I'm looking forward to seeing what's next!

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Can-Can said…
It's one of my favorite places, too. I take my granddaughter there every year when she comes to visit. Unfortunately, the new carousel wasn't up during her visit this year but we'll get to it next year. We did attend a festival that was on the Greenway and she got to paint rocks, dress up, etc. We always walk over to the Boston Harbor Hotel - love the big arch. The food carts and Farmer's Market are a draw as well.
Thanks for publicizing!
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - I took some pictures of the arch while there too. It's mesmerizing! Love the market as well. Possibly some future posts!

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